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  1. Personally, I like to get an amount of monster meat equal to the number of Werepigs I want, befriending that number of pigs, then going with them to the hound mounds in the desert, where the pigs overwhelm the hounds and get me all the monster meat I need to transform them.
  2. Mandragora had passed out from being held by Sunrider for what seemed like an eternity. And she’s somehow managed to hold onto her knife while in her nap. The rockodile’s rock-us ,coupled with her friend’s remark about pineapples made her wake up in a jolt. Oh no, could it be?? “Don’t touch them!!” she ran to her friend and noticed him on the floor, but no meanapples to be seen. She stamped her feet in disgust and pouted after seeing his condition. “I hug you and then you stab me and my friend!! I will make juice out of you, meanapples!!” She looks angry into the distance where she thinks they ran off and stabs the earth a few times as a warning. After the last one, no meanapples are to be seen, so she smiles a little, feeling relieved.
  3. (Sorry for taking so long to reply) Mandra had dozed off staring in the general direction that Seven was, and didn't notice the metal door in front of her , and bumped into it. A shriek escaped her throat for a moment, but then realized it was a door and not a rustman. She looked around the door, first noticing the machine gun --- a shiver went down her spine -- then the cup holder and the note in it. Not wasting even a second, she read the note. Uhhh....is this rustmen poetry? She gave it a second reading. She pressed her lips together and frowned. "I'd like those...NOODLES...rotten and mossy, the only way you know to prepare them." she said towards the door, taking her time to pronounce noodles.
  4. >When someone makes a thread to port SW to DST ("Please") yes, that server definitely crashed
  5. It seems that you and I share the same allergic reaction to questionable game design choices: a sore throat.
  6. Doesn't this apply to every boss in the game? Now if only certain other refuelable items didn't break at 0%... *cough* *cough* Magiluminescence *cough* *cough* Moggles
  7. Mandra saw a muzzled girl come into view from around the corner. Whoa, that’s not how I’d choose to punish a child… The sight of the muzzle led her to rub the skin around her own mouth, and to imagine the feel of rope tightly around her cheeks. She cringed at the imagined pain. As she kept walking towards the hallway, her gaze remained on this girl. She was getting cold feet, and not just from walking barefoot on a metal hallway.
  8. The rustman’s deep voice caused Mandra to be taken aback by it, especially since she didn't think it went well with its size or its very being(a pile of scrap). Why did this rustman smell of cheesy nachos yet have green font? Did this green font imply that the Adornment and this rustman have a similar sounding voice? Has Mandra been accepting thoughts said by a distinctly smooth deep voice as her own all along??? “Lead on…” she said carelessly, resigned to following this rustman.
  9. "...That's me." she said, nervous. She looked at the scaly fellow, then back at the shapeshifter. “If I don’t come back…there’s one thing you should know…” She gazed at the wall to her side, and held her chin, thinking hard on the most important fact to survive rustmen prison- “…the food those rustmen serve is horrible. Toxic, I bet.” Mandra took out the last handful of moss she had left, grabbed Anelipsy’s hand with her other, and slithered it on her palm. “This is the best food you’ll find here. Apparently rustmen can use hacking to conquer humans but not to download actual cooking recipes.”
  10. Mandra was glad to see Anelipsy one piece. She smiled and her spirits were lifted a little. “We’re both alright. And…oh, Jason survived THAT…?” she stared at the shapeshifter, utterly dumbfounded. Upon hearing the message from the intercom, she felt like time was running out, her expression changing back to panic, not as big as the last one --- the lack of flaring miniguns helped. “I-I was looking for trees here, but there are none…” she then caught a glimpse of her bag and realized how light it was ----“maybe there’ll be some moss here?” She walked to a corner of the workshop, and searched for signs of life, eyes wide.
  11. After realizing that the ceiling in the workshop was just as dull as the ceiling in the holding cell, Mandra turned her attention back to the pile of wood. She crouched to better smell it. Just like the stumps back at the town…a shame that this room has nothing like a tree. Slowly sliding her fingers on the wood's surface, she tried to get an idea of the wood's texture. Cut or not, there has to be sawdust around here somewhere…. She nervously glances between the various drills and circular saws, hoping the commotion in the halls doesn't end just yet. That clown must be tough to take so much gunfire...or maybe they're making a show out of his punishment. "Hey, s-scaly fellow, can you keep watch for rustman guards...?" she says, while giving him a quick look. Such a killjoy... The Adornment didn't understand why the human would rather smell plant amputations and hide in boring rooms with meatlizards than to watch meaty flesh torn and blood spilled.
  12. “Oh. Sure…” Mandra turned towards the pile of wood. “Make your last meal count.” the Adornment added. Mandra realized what she had just said. She felt a little guilty. Once she was next to the pile of wood, she looked at the workshop's ceiling , and curiously stared at it.
  13. Mandra stopped chewing at the sound of the lizard’s words. It can talk? I wonder if that adorable pile of goo can speak too… She immersed two fingers into her zip-bag and dipped them in mossy sauce. “Yesh…” she swallowed moss. “This isn’t the tastiest, but it’s better than what these rustmen call ‘food’.” She cleaned the moss off of her fingers onto the ground in front of the scaly stalker, and watched him , waiting for a response.
  14. In her panic, Mandra is startled by the scaly fellow’s fast movement. She hurriedly retreats further into the workshop and covers her face with her hands. Soon, she realizes it’s not an attacker, but a stalker. “Oh..it-it’s you…” she relaxes her limbs and leans against the wall. Moss being the closest thing to popcorn on her bag, she reaches into it and shoves a handful of it into her mouth.
  15. As soon as the machine guns emerged from the ceiling, Mandra flew into a panic. Though they were not aiming for her, they could turn any second. She hurriedly went inside the workshop, and carefully peeked at what was about to happen.
  16. Mandra was very curious about the workshop. If we can make weapons with wood, then there have to be trees in here, somewhere… She looked in the direction the cells were, and walked very slowly towards them. As soon as she passed in front of the workshop , she looked directly at it, trying to see the inside of the room.
  17. Mandragora was awakened by the loud noise. She was still sleepy and annoyed by the sound, having slept on her flower instead of her feet. “Can the meatlizard be quiet?!” she managed to stand up and peek outside. Her eyes widened with panic, and her mouth wailed “AIE!!”. She quickly ducked and tried to remain hidden in her sleeping hole.
  18. I was looking for a fight, but I found even more... This is the most inventive way to get decoration in the game yet!
  19. The rustman’s last sentence really hit home. Robot made products , made to always reign supreme? She remembered she had resorted to eating MOSS, of all foods, because of the quality of the food in the train. “I-I think…any of us could make better food than the rustmen here…” she brought out her moss bag and made it clear for the rustman to see. "I---" she remembered everyone was there, and muttered the rest of the sentence. "--Found better food accidentally living in your train than you could ever make on purpose in a kitchen..."
  20. Mandra watched as much of the fight as she could from her spot among the group. She was interested to the point that she didn’t care for the dull taste of the moss. …So glad that clown and that girl are on our team…they're nasty. A shiver went down her spine, and hid her bag back in her clothes again. As their fight died down, she looked at the joyful rustman. “So…w-what’s in that yellow area over there, eh…?” she pointed carefully at the room in front of their holding cell.
  21. Mandra woke up in the new room. She looked around warily , then looked fascinated at the winged girl's fire. Soon the shapeshifter fumbling and the scaly fellow awake got her attention. She crawled closer to them. “Are you…all good?” she asked, looking at the shapeshifter. She also reached into her bag for a mossy meal.
  22. Ban Donke60 for thinking I can realize the reasons for banning Matt when they're undisclosed.
  23. Ban Donke60 for not making up an odd reason to ban Matt.