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  1. 2 hours ago, Sinister_Fang said:

    As someone who didn't want to participate in the Twitch drops, I want to participate in all these other social media platforms even less. I would have thought just adding them into the normal drop table would be simpler and a heck of a lot easier to do then this.

    Agreed. This is an artificial way to increase engagement with the playerbase and numbers on their media platform. From anecdotes from when the twitch drops were introduced, people would just leave the stream running in the background until they got their drop. This isn't going to produce any real engagement.

    I just wish Klei wasn't essentially holding cosmetic content behind a *boost our numbers* condition. At the very least they haven't done this with actually important content, like characters.


    Wortox costs some spools, right? I'm just foreshadowing what's to come.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, t1morino88eex said:

    Holly hell, so this is the norm nowadays. I'll never again buy or touch anything Klei makes. I don't care that it's just a visual thing, but this is one of the lamest and cheapest way to expect to make money out of a game. Awful.

    It's a one-time payment for a cosmetic that is obtainable through other (albeit, more complicated) means. There won't be much of a difference in your play experience whether you pay or not.

    Also, obligatory "why is it bad that companies make money from the products they provide to the public in some way without money they can't keep making content we like you get the idea its been said before jeez"


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  3. 29 minutes ago, HeilerderWelten said:

    "so you would need to kill on average 16 pigs to build ONE HOUSE"

    Just feed 4 pigs monster meat and you get your 4 pig skin and 16 meat from were pigs.

    Personally, I like to get an amount of monster meat equal to the number of Werepigs I want, befriending that number of pigs, then going with them to the hound mounds in the desert, where the pigs overwhelm the hounds and get me all the monster meat I need to transform them.

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  4. Mandragora had passed out from being held by Sunrider for what seemed like an eternity. And she’s somehow managed to hold onto her knife while in her nap.

    The rockodile’s rock-us ,coupled with  her friend’s remark about pineapples made her wake up in a jolt. Oh no, could it be??

     “Don’t touch them!!” she ran to her friend and noticed him on the floor, but no meanapples to be seen. She stamped her feet in disgust and pouted after seeing his condition.

    “I hug you and then you stab me and my friend!! I will make juice out of you, meanapples!!”

    She looks angry into the distance where she thinks they ran off and stabs the earth a few times as a warning. After the last one, no meanapples are to be seen, so she smiles a little, feeling relieved.

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  5. (Sorry for taking so long to reply)

    Mandra had dozed off staring in the general direction that Seven was, and didn't notice the metal door in front of her , and bumped into it.

    A shriek escaped her throat for a moment, but then realized it was a door and not a rustman. She looked around the door, first noticing the machine gun --- a shiver went down her spine -- then the cup holder and the note in it. Not wasting even a second, she read the note.

    Uhhh....is this rustmen poetry?

    She gave it a second reading. She pressed her lips together and frowned.

    "I'd like those...NOODLES...rotten and mossy, the only way you know to prepare them." she said towards the door, taking her time to pronounce noodles.

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