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  1. Just tested it again, and today is November 4th and still crashes my PlayStation 4 whenever I use Sky worthy no matter where I am to go to a previous world, but if I go to a new world it's fine. If I use the skyworthy and crash and then reload my game, it'll create a new world. So I have to re-download my save data off my USB since that's the only way I can keep my save file. I really need them to fix this Don't Starve is one of my favorite games but if I cannot traverse between my worlds, what's the point? They spend so much time working on Don't Starve Together so much effort gets put into all of the stuff in it, I wish that they would direct some effort into making Don't Starve Standalone much better by fixing all these bugs and maybe even adding some more new content because to be honest I own both of them and I don't care for Don't Starve Together at all the lag that it has it makes it unplayable and I have one gigabit a second connection via Ethernet cord so I'm not lacking when it comes to the Internet it's the game itself but I love the Standalone version It's just impossible to play if I can't go from my worlds to my other worlds.
  2. Huge issue, happening to everybody on all consoles, I'm pretty sure Klei is working on trying to fix it but I don't know. I am wanting to play so very badly, but because of that bug it's kind of a game breaker. I have everything set up, but I need to be able to go back to my previous worlds to start getting everything perfected and I can't because of this game breaker bug. Hopefully they will have it hotfixed as soon as possible but I fear that they are putting all of their resources toward Don't Starve together and not paying too much attention to Don't Starve single player, I could be wrong (which I hope), but it looks like on their Twitter page that they keep coming out with stuff for together and this bug has been there pretty much since they came out with Hamlet for PS4 almost a month ago.
  3. This is getting ridiculous, what's the point of even having this bug tracker when the secs aren't doing anything with it?
  4. So I just used the teleportato using wigfrid for that world in shipwrecked and I switched to warly. I made sure to have room for his items but when when it loads I did not have his portable crockpot.
  5. Turned seagulls off in the game options for starting new world but they are still spawning.
  6. Seems when I play on ps4 the longer I play without saving and quitting to main menu the worse the lag/frame rate gets and gets really choppy when in s boat cruising
  7. Also kinda buggy for using in a boat , on ps4 I can't get the peer option when I equip a spyglass on a boat and can't use it.
  8. So the first time I played shipwrecked, around day 40ish I encountered sealnado, he killed me of course, but ever since then he has not spawned once. I have started 7 new saves (games) and done 3-4 full hurricane seasons in each one yet no sealnado, a few of those I even turned hurricane on very long and sealnado on more yet nothing, seems bugged out imo and needs fixed bad, I haven't even got to fight him yet and I would really love to have iron wind.
  9. Also upon entering the volcano any and all bioluminescence you have on you disappear
  10. So I just made a new world for the third time got really far and all that and then tried going into the volcano, I got in just fine farmed up a bunch of the obsidian and dragoon hearts and then every time I try to leave after the auto save when it's loading it freezes And gives the PS4 error which crashes the game.
  11. When I was entering volcano game would freeze during loading screen and either crash or boot me back out of volcano, then when I got in , I cannot get out, whenever I go to leave game crashes and I get a ps4 error message. I am currently stuck inside volcano now.
  12. Like I place a bird trap, bait it, and when I go to collect the trapped parrot, it just gives me my trap back at 100% durability but no damn parrot
  13. I'm having the same problem right now, but with birds, and I have no way to make the pirathatitator without a parrot,.. It's really killing my gameplay