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  1. Okay so the problem is with the anim folder, can anyone help me with this? Here's the zip for my character in the anim folder.
  2. @Lumina Yeah I've been having problems with the anim folder, I think that might be it. I tried deleating and autocompiling it again but it wont create a new file.
  3. Hi I'm new to the modding scene and I seem to have a problem with a custom character I'm trying to make. Basically I can enable the mod and start up a game right? The custom speech I made for the character works, and everything else works except for the actual character itself. I followed this when making the mod: [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template by Dleowolf Anyway when I was making the sprite everything looked fine until I got in game and saw that my character still looked like the sample character even though I edited everything. I'm going to post a zip of my mod so if anyone is willing to help can poke around and see what is wrong, thank you, once again I'm terribly new to all of this so help would be appreciated. peter.rar
  4. @Andmann The problem has been solved, I was missing a comma at the end of one of my subtable, thanks for helping me I'm new at all of this and thank you for your time.
  5. @Serpens @Andmann Okay so there is something wrong with the speech file, I've looked through it but eveything seems fine, can you guys check? Would be appreciated.
  6. @Andmann How do I find out where this error is? Is there a way to go about doing it or do I have to read through everything to find it?
  7. Hi, I made a custom character not too long ago and a problem I have is that after I try to enable it in the mod menu the game goes to the loading screen and then just crashes and the game closes. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I was hoping someone could help, I will even put the logs here. log2.txt