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  1. Sorry for no update in my art thread.  I've just been in a horrible mood lately and can't seem to draw.  It's embarrassing.

    1. Mobbstar


      It happens to the best of us. I, for my part, will patiently wait until you feel better, unless there's some way I could help (doubtfully so but asking is free).

  2. I'm still surprised Wolfgang doesn't get much fan art. From his in-game lines, he's a big sweetheart. Who can resist a giant man with a heart of gold? But I'll do more than JUST Wolfgang. If anybody has a request, I don't mind doing them. I mainly just need to practice WILSON'S HAIR. HOW DOES IT WORK? Wow, thanks! I usually just do normal outlines (like my avatar there) but it's pretty refreshing to make it sketchy.
  3. Well, I told myself that I should start throwing my Don't Starve stuff on here for you guys to enjoy and so I shall! Quite a bit of it will be stuff I draw from an RP blog I've opened up for Wolfgang over on Tumblr so you might see his mightiness a lot. Might as well start off this topic with a couple of my newest pieces. This one was more of a practice for him since I'm horrible when it comes to muscles. But this is the skin I'm still hunting for and hope for it to drop for me one day (or one week I guess). Also I see your Maxwell Meme thread and raise you one Pacha Wolfgang meme. But these two are my latest creations and I'm willing to take requests if you like. Though I will most likely not upload it to the RP blog and just throw it straight onto here.
  4. You know what?  I should open up a thread over at the fan art part of the forums.  Maybe take requests or something.

  5. After changing my mind multiple times, I've decided to make an RP blog of Wolfgang since there are like none on Tumblr.  Awesome art was drawn by my buddy, Kiwi!


  6. But seriously I have no clue how Webber would be able to see as well with shades on.  It was just a dumb pic I doodled for the heck of it.

  7. How can webber see properly with 2 of his eyes under black glasses? Lol

    1. PizzaPocketful


      Hair have bones in this game.  Don't question it.

      I dunno, spider magic?