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  1. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    I do! Especially the wizard, the sorceress and the cat assassin. Thank you! I'm enjoying coloring again. They're based on someone else's idea. I asked the creator permission to draw something based on her concepts because I liked them very much.
  2. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    Here's some stuff I hadn't scanned before: Some mega-old (like from 2014) designs for a fantasy RPG-style thing. You can see how much my art has improved since then. What if Minerva Mink from Animaniacs looked more like an actual mink? Some designs for the characters of a magical girl team. I'm going to draw them all separately because the picture looks too cramped like this.
  3. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    Hi there I'm back with more stuff Lylla faces, done with reference from various otter photos found online. Drawn with pencil and inkes with markers. Blackjack O'Hare faces, with pencils and no inking because I liked how they came out. Hares are hard to draw.
  4. The Cute Animal Thread

    You linked my tumblr blog hah! "Stay away from my babies!"
  5. The Cute Animal Thread

    One of the neighbourhood cats. Her name is Laika. I don't know if you can see from the photo, but her eyes are differently-colored.
  6. The Cute Animal Thread

    SO FAT! she seems sweet too
  7. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    Thank you! Though now that I see it, maybe he'd look more striking with red eyes. Or maybe they should be kept as part of his helmet/goggles.
  8. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    Here he is!
  9. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    I'M BAAAAAAACK!!! I haven't uploaded anything in months because I've been very buys with many things and because I haven't had much motivation to draw. This one is from December 2016, not sure why I didn't post it before. Moondragon from Marvel comics if she had her father's skin color from the movies. Colored with Adobe Photoshop. Concept of Lylla the otter in a movie-based setting. Based on the Telltale videogame version. Colored with pencils. Lylla holding a rock. Also with pencils. Sketch for a similarly "more realistic" Blackjack O'Hare. Not sure whether to keep him like this or change something. The legs and feet are driving me nuts. I've read that the only way an anthro animal could stand and walk on its toes and keep balance is to have a huge butt so... Criticism welcomed. ^^
  10. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Eeeeeeeee! Thank you very much, I love it! <3
  11. The Cute Animal Thread

    they're so cute! :3
  12. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    Thank you. I don't use Copics (too expensive) but I'm sure the tutorials can help me. I made the first two to get an idea of their appearances. The second batch was me giving them different poses. I'll draw them again interacting.
  13. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    Thank you! Do you have any criticism to make? (Other that I should have used pencils instead of markers because the coloring is bad)
  14. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    Thanks. Could you tell me what needs improvement?
  15. Ambarina's Artsy Stuff

    More Steam Powered Giraffe fanart. The first one is the current members: Rabbit, The Spine and Zero. The second one os the former members: The Jon, Hatchworth and Upgrade.