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  1. anyone else hyped about Hamlet!?

    I think a lot of people are excited/want to be excited about hamlet, however people are wary thanks to the shipwrecked commotion (it becoming a standalone, capy allegedly abandoning and such.)
  2. I have been able to play the game completely fine before & still can, however when I click on the 'account' option on the main menu it opens a page that says E_Invalid_Steam_Ticket. That's the only thing on the page, other than a link to the Klei website. I cant remember the last time I clicked on this option but it hasn't affected me so far. Should I be afraid of it doing something?
  3. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    I don't know how to compliment and give feedback on an art piece because as I said previously, I don't know anything about art. Sooo.... good work?
  4. Having trouble trying to download the beta version of DS on android :(

  5. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    That Pikachu looks really good.
  6. Your picture looks like a male steam punker from Terraria. I also swear I have seen it on the Terraria forums too.

    1. Mobbstar


      Hehe, I guess. The gear monocle actually comes from my previous avatar, a robot deerclops :p (weird I know)

      If you find it on the T'rara forums again, please let me know. :) 

    2. TheGoodDarkHero


      I will be sure to tell you if I find it again *starts his 400 hour adventure of finding the picture*

    3. Mobbstar


      Haha I meant if you happen across it ^_^

  7. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Look at Wilsons eyebrows.
  8. Nice Homestuck picture.

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    2. mitboy
    3. TheGoodDarkHero


      Wow! these are really good! I cannot really draw so its good to see other peoples drawings every once in a while. You like Terraria, Undertale and Spore?

    4. mitboy


      Super meat boy and some other games. You can see a list on my profile.

  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I know that it is bad, its me first time doing meems ok? pls don't hurt me
  10. Having problems getting the correct profile picture :(

  11. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    It doesn't look that bad. I don't know anything to do with art though.