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  1. In the past you use to be able to use redeemable codes from (like the Campfire one I think) or the ones that you get from owning Shipwrecked that were given to PC players to also use on PS4. Btw DEVs thanks so much for this update, been dying to play it on the ps4 for a long time
  2. For the past week or so I have been unable to enter the caves. Everytime I try it gives me a infinite loading screen. And pressing any button during the loading screen takes you back to main menu. If you try to rejoin the server you will get stuck in the loading screen as well... I know quite a few others who have the same problem. If this bug isn't worthy of a hotfix.. Then im disappointed.
  3. Sweet!!! Thanks so much. Can't wait to play it tonight. Hope you and the Team at Klei have awesome Holiday's
  4. I got this after I got disconnected from a server, tried rejoining.
  5. My first attempt, the right stick wasnt working. When I pressed O to Peer it did so automatically with no option to choose the direction. I haven't been able recreate that bug.. But I have ran into a new spyglass bug that prevents me from using the spyglass at all while on ships. Im still able to use it on land though.
  6. I had this same issue. During the night playing as Wilson, I tried chasing off the hand but the hand got stuck? At a certain point it just stopped retreating away from me, then it started glitching towards the fire (as if I were still chasing it). When the night was finished, the music from the shadow hand kept playing in the same spot. If I left the island the music would go away but if I came back the music was still there. Not to long after i died. So I couldn't tell you if save/quit/restarting would fix the issue or not.
  7. If your talking about the HUD, its not a bug. Pause the game or at main menu, go to your settings and adjust the Display Area.
  8. I made the spyglass, hopped on a boat to try and find islands.. however upon use of spyglass it just kept looking into 1 direction, the same direction, all 5 uses. I tried positioning my character to face which direction i wanted to use it, tried using both analog sticks to the direction I wanted to use it. But alas none worked. I know on PC you use the right click on mouse to choose a direction so I was hoping the right analog would do this but I haven't gotten it to work. EDIT: okay so I made another one and this time I was able to get the little orb indicator to show up to tell which direction Id be looking. This orb never appeared the first attempt at the spyglass. The first attempt when I went to press O for Peer, it did so automatically with no option to control it. So Id still say this is a bug Im just not exactly sure what I did differently between my 1st and 2nd attempts.
  9. Seems normal to me, the first few days of winter Ive seen mix of rain and snow, snow on ground then "melting" before finally coming back. Usually the first 1-2 days and last day of winter this happens.
  10. Are you holding down square (attack button) the entire time? Cause ive noticed this to. I think the character gets confused between the next enemy and all the loot on the ground. Usually to stop the spaz attack you have to let go of square or use the left analog stick to break free of it.
  11. I can confirm this. I was able to reproduce this bug on a online server and playing solo. Step 1- Create world (madness), Step 2- Run around explore overworld till able to travel to caves, Step 3- Explore Caves till death, Step 4- Spawn as new character and check overworld map (everything is undiscovered), Step 5- Go to caves and check map (you'll notice the places you've already discovered.
  12. Alright thanks, I did a quick search before posting and I couldn't find anything about it. Que me making this post.
  13. Sorry if its not a bug. But in several hundred hours of playing RoG and quite a bit of DST-beta so far.. Ive never seen 2 giants (same breed) spawn at once and right next to each other. Maybe its just extremely rare? Took place on Klei official East 1 (cooperative) 2 days into Spring, 10 second walk away from base.
  14. What Chibi said.. Its not a bug. Touchstones can only be used once per player, but after every use they need a day or two to regenerate before another player can use it. Infact this made me think. I wonder if playing splitscreen makes the touchstone think both players are "1 player" only allowing 1 touchstone use between the both of them. Ill test this in the morning.
  15. I tried reproducing this myself and couldn't get it to work either. Tried as you explained in comments (while splitscreen using 2 players inventorys). But maybe there's some minor detail we're failing to reproduce?