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  1. Don't Starve cosplay

    Unfortunately I used only Photoshop for this costest for that time, but I have special lenses for Charlie now XD
  2. Don't Starve cosplay

    I'm so sorry for being quiet for a long time! I'm preparing for my next cosplay project - winter adventures of Wendy, and I really hope that it will be great.~ For now... I want to share my old Charlie costest with you! It was long time ago, but I still love it. Maybe someday I will made a full cosplay. XD
  3. Don't Starve cosplay

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that! ♥
  4. Don't Starve cosplay

    I totally forgot about our performance from last year! Please, check it out! ♥
  5. Don't Starve cosplay

    Survivor skin isn't the simplest. I'm not good with crafts, so her stuff will be difficult for me :c
  6. Don't Starve cosplay

    It looks like a big cloud XD So I'm inclined to start with Forge skin. I think it will be very impressively, if I will do it well. And we will have a big photoshoot with other characters (Wilson, Maxwell, Wes, Willow, Wigfrid, Wendy and Charlie) in the beginning of autumn with main skins. We want to make all the necessary stuff and to convey the atmosphere of the game as much as possible. :3
  7. Don't Starve cosplay

    I think about new Wendy's costumes and I can't choose which one I want to do first. All of them are so beautiful! ♥
  8. Don't Starve cosplay

    Oh, really? Are you sure? I didn't know about that... He is my ex XD And we are shippers too! My photographer did it :3
  9. Don't Starve cosplay

    Taiyou no Matsuri 2017 (Russian cosplay event). Wendy by woofkid (me) Wilson by Jack Spade Willow by Gilts Wes from second pic by tasyelex Another Wes by Robert Mayer
  10. I would really like to contribute to the Don't Starve fandom! It was my first photoshoot as Wendy. I'm so in love with Shadow outfits of all characters! It's really amazing! ♥