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  1. Guys, it happened! I recieved my Wendy from Scott! He give me extra funko pop and it's very good. #girlwhowaited XD
  2. No, it's not dedicated server. Yes, I have mods. Maybe I can try one more time without it... If it wouldn't work again, I will give you log, okay?
  3. Maybe I did something wrong, but it didn't worked.
  4. Hey, guys! I have a big, but very strange problem with my DST server. My server was with auto event at settings, but after reinstalling the windows system and after coping setting my old server to new slots my server become server with winter feast event only. How did it hapeened? Can I fix it?
  5. Thank you! He said that Funko will come today, so I really hope that it's true...
  6. Don't Starve cosplay

    Unfortunately I used only Photoshop for this costest for that time, but I have special lenses for Charlie now XD
  7. Yeah, I wanted to use Amazon but pre-order was over at that time. And just because Klei did repost I decided to trust Scott. Agh. It's so unfair. We don't get our figures, but we need to give to him the part of money.
  8. Really? It was a full price? I thought that he refunding just part of full cost. We saw tweets from other users that he didn't gave money back to them.
  9. He said it thousand times. I don't believe him. It's so sad that he wouldn't do full refund if I will refuse my order. He blocked my friend on Twitter just because of she asked about list with information about coming figures. It's insane.
  10. I'm really sorry about it. Did you asked him about delay? He said me that Finko will come *very soon* about I don't believe him.
  11. Don't Starve cosplay

    I'm so sorry for being quiet for a long time! I'm preparing for my next cosplay project - winter adventures of Wendy, and I really hope that it will be great.~ For now... I want to share my old Charlie costest with you! It was long time ago, but I still love it. Maybe someday I will made a full cosplay. XD
  12. Guys, I faced one dilemma. Did some of you have ordered figures from this site? Official Klei's Twitter page reposted post about pre-order figures from this person and, unfortunately, I become his costumer. I did my order at the beggining of November, but I have never recieved my Funko yet. Scott said that it's still not coming to him, but he saying it for a long time. I want to ask you about this situation, because my friend have never recieved figure too, so maybe you have the same problem. P.S. I'm so sorry for my English, I'm from Russia XD
  13. Don't Starve cosplay

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that! ♥
  14. Don't Starve cosplay

    I totally forgot about our performance from last year! Please, check it out! ♥
  15. Don't Starve cosplay

    Survivor skin isn't the simplest. I'm not good with crafts, so her stuff will be difficult for me :c