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  1. I burned down a small forest of evergreens near base to harvest charcoal. When chopping down the burnt trees, a few of them became inactive, and could not be cut. In the video, I tried switching between two axes, but it didn't solve the issue. I also waited until the next day, increased my sanity back up, and tried to chop the burnt tree without success. I didn't try using a shovel (I don't even know if it's possible to dig up a burnt tree). I hopped into the same world server (wilderness, offline, 2 player max) as a new character after and found that the burnt trees erased themselves off the base.
  2. Also just tried reproducing on a new server without luck. Maybe this was an isolated case? More details would include that it was Wilson and Wigfred. Had a crock pot up, a freezer, science machine, alchemy machine, tons of rabbit traps, drying racks, etc. (basic base camp set up at day 27ish). The season was winter. I'll try rolling back the server and reproduce it there.
  3. It happened with monster meat and morsels when I did it. Also was in split screen and had friend try it. He noticed the glitch when he had a fresh meat in inventory and a spoiling meat he dropped and picked up. From the past, I assume it is suppose to average the spoil but instead, it regained to full. I'll try to find time tonight to replicate and video log.
  4. Already updated to latest version (07/27/2016). Items with spoiling can be dropped to regain "freshness." Online host game, cooperative, wilderness, no pvp.
  5. Tentacle stays aggro even when there isn't enemies around. Haven't tried to replicate it yet, but will attempt soon.