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  1. I’m a console owner and had purchased ROG when it came out. Is there anyway to get the fireplace in my game? Also wanted to know if there were any rewards given out to the people that beta tested it on PS4?
  2. Map exploration history

    This issue has happened twice to my son. We've been playing split-screen with me as primary. When we exit and reload his map is wiped. It will only show a circle for the portal and a circle where he currently is. Everything else from point A to point B has been wiped. :/
  3. Sorry about the "delay"

    Delays I experienced... I was playing local split-screen. Delay in chopping trees, character would freeze for a split second and begin chopping animation again. Delay in breaking rocks - Same as tree delay. The worst delay was in battle though. I could not catch a pigman, once I initiated a battle pig would strike me and then I would try to hit back; delay would give them ample time to escape my area of attack. Same for tall bird battle and hounds. I was playing as Wigfrid so I should have been able to tank these enemies. Only way I was able to take them down was to stay still and fight in a peone position. Could not kite... :'(
  4. Sorry about the "delay"

    Had the sane problem with the pigs... Almost got taken down by 2 of them. Crazy delay.