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  1. You can use a console command, c_removeall("rabid_beetle"), then all rabid beetles will disappear.
  2. Wearing a brain of thoughts hat doesn't call out the volcanic tab in SW and the ancient tab in RoG. This happens in my three DLC capable world.
  3. This bug happened even in the closed beta, and it still there.
  4. I reported this befor Dec. 25, no reply. They ignored me even if I uploaded a crash information picture.
  5. A normal calendar runs with three circles. Mine only has one out circle, and I try to save and quit in the calendar room, restart the game, and it crashes. Besides, there is no calendar map icon. when checking on my map.
  6. In a Hamlet-capable Shipwrecked world, all dug turfs are invisible on the floor. Just look at the picture below. Fix this ASAP. ThankQ. @bizziboi
  7. I'm now playing a three-DLC capable world. This means that I could spend my autumn days in RoG, temperate days in HAM, mild days in SW. In shipwrecked, Abigail is unable to follow Wendy on the sea.
  8. Hi there. Craft a shelf in a house, put some items on it, then wear an orange amulet, and approach the shelf, the amulet will collect the items on the shelf. However, the collected items will still show their images on the shelf, and they are invisible in player's backpack. Try to put the invisible items back to the shelf, and the game will crash. If the player uses an orange amulet near a shelf, finish the steps above and save and quit, the game will also crash. This is a bug, please fix this, thank you. @bizziboi
  9. Pigs are walking on the lake, and I don't know where they are from. By the way, my queen's island is much smaller than the first pig town island. Is this a map generating bug?
  10. Could you fix this bug at first please? This bug happens almost every save slots, and I see most of the players in a Chinese forum reported this bug. This bug will not allow players to end Aporkalypse. Thank you so much. @bizziboi
  11. This bug occurs when a player has some amount of money, say, 200 oinc10s, visit the bank and buy oinc100, and the player can buy 100 for free.@bizziboi
  12. Go into a calendar room through a crack is a normal way to find a calendar. It's a crack door outside, but a normal door inside, and when the next Aporkalypse comes, go to the calendar room, and the two buttons control the door, not the calendar, this bug means that the Aporkalypse will not be ceased by a player. Fix this as soon as possible, thank you so much.
  13. Hi there. I found two bird whistle bugs. Hope these can be fixed in the next update. 1. When the durability of a bird whistle becomes zero, the game will crash. 2. Using a bird whistle indoor will summon a Roc as designed, but it will fly and haul endlessly.
  14. This is definitely a BUG! After the missing name farms are there, save and quit, and then restart the game, the crops are once again ready for harvest. This means that players can steal crops forever without penalty! This bug is balance-destructive! Fix this as soon as possible, please! @bizziboi
  15. Hi there. Wear a swashy hat and steal farmer's crops, then missing names occur. Please fix this. I know you are working on Aporkalipse. Can't wait to play it! Here is the picture.
  16. I have no idea what they are. Pick them up does not crash the game, but they are invisible, and they occupy two save slots.
  17. Besides, in every hounds time, only one hound comes to attack me.
  18. I began my game in Hamlet world. Then I traveled to ROG, and went into caves. In cave 2, when an earthquake came, stones didn't fall on the ground, but their shadows were visible.
  19. Ruin background music still rings even a player goes out of the ruin.
  20. Ignore my ignorance. Fertilize the farms three times will make the farms useful again. This is a great way to use tons of poops, thank you for your hard work, Klei Don't Starve staff!
  21. In a Flying Pig Arcane shop, a poop lies on the floor (I don't know where is it comes from). I picked it up, and the shopkeeper disappear.
  22. Humid season comes, and improved farms are covered with white frost. Farms are useless now, and I believe this is a new thing. In lush season, however, frost goes away, but farms are still useless. Just look at the picture I upload. Please fix this, thank you!