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  1. In a sw-hl compatible world, when it is hurricane season, build a shanty in sw, hails will fall in the shanty, and they can be picked up.
  2. A bassy, ambient humming sound effect of ancient spirits can always br heard in my shanty and three extended rooms after Aporkalypse is ended. I entered the interior of the fifth island to end the Aporkalypse. The ancient spirits were there, and after the Aporkalypse passed away, pig ghosts disappeared. But when I rentered my own house, the sound is still there.
  3. hammering a door in the shanty crashes the game.
  4. Using a seaworthy doesn't display sound and animation correctly. The character just stands there and does nothing, but the process of transporting between DLCs is okay. Using a boomerang on a ship is a bad choice, because It's impossible to catch that flying-back weapon. Besides, coral stones can't be hammered. The character just rows the ship endlessly. This happened when the tar edition was released, now it is here again.
  5. That boar is too old to see. It's very kind of you if you just allow him to have a rest on one of your drying racks.
  6. c_removeall("antman_warrior") This piece of concole code will help you.
  7. This is not a bug. For more details, search don't starve Hamlet Fiesta on google.
  8. Bloody full moon comes with the Aporkalypse. When this happens, Wilba becomes a werepig, and she will crash the game when she steps on calendar buttons.
  9. Wormwood doesn't gain a sanity bonus when planting special seeds on the ground (carrot seeds, dragonfruit seeds, etc ), but normal seeds will do. Fix this please, thanks.
  10. Same problem for me. I reported this orange amulet bug about one month ago, and no developer replied me. Sad.
  11. I have the same problem, her eyes will twinkle improperly when she tries to say something.
  12. Beefalo brush is useless. Click the brush on a beefalo will attack it.
  13. Currently no quotes for all characters when examining some pigs and prefabs. Hope they can work out the quotes.
  15. You'd better report your problem only once. Seeing four of your same bug reports on the first page is terrible.
  16. Sorry, sir. I didn't receive the notification of your reply. Here is my file.porkland_4 Thanks for your hard work. @bizziboi
  17. Use a blunderbuss to shoot foes, then something weird will happen. Bullets will be blocked by wood fences, stone walls, etc.
  18. It is peculiar that there are no people report this bug. After updates, all items on shelf disappeared. I lost my key to the city, pherostone and executive hammer.
  19. Besides, press shift+left mouse button will directly delete the items in inventories and boxes. Terrible bug, please fix this ASAP. @bizziboi
  20. In one of my old save files, items on the shelf disappeared after today's updates. I lost my key to the city and the executive hammer.