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  1. 9 hours ago, MarcCAT said:

    I assume this is also a "known issue" on PS4 too given the number of posts with plenty of views and comments regarding SW poor performance and frame rate. It's weird it's only confirmed on pc... In this regard, I just got a short reply from Klei on Twitter stating the classic "we're working on that", but nothing beyond this generic answer. The truth is that I am starting to grow impatient now, because I really want to enjoy SW, but these issues detract me from the experience. This never happened with RoG. Does anybody know when this is really going to be fixed? Performance should always be a top priority comcern, much more important than other secondary bugs that have already been fixed by now and I'm starting to feel that this matter is not getting the attention it deserves...

    since the day it launched for the pc still can't play and look what I bought on day of release, I'm still suffering with the passing of the days the fps drops too do not understand the more we will see.

  2. had not come to the deerclops still, and when I joined everything was with the snow and when you exit the trees through which they were all with snow still on the ground was not wo nothing came out of the snow effect winter started the 21st