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  1. I just hope it doesn't pass the sw to the dst because the ds already has few people most by the dlc's been there dies of time
  2. man you guys could take a look at the ds because it has some bugs that are jumping seasons entered other folks waiting I thank you

  3. man you guys could take a look at the ds because it has some bugs that are jumping seasons entered other folks waiting I thank you

    1. Jason


      Hey Marxol, some fixes are coming out soon. One of them has to do with some bugs with seasons. Thanks for being keen ;)

    2. Marxlol


      Thanks for the attention ;)

  4. I went into the cave and then entered in the ruins when I returned the ruins my watch counted 1 day when it comes out of the cave the day counted 19 normal more was on station at rain or is he skipped winter
  5. our thank you for me to attack, and I'm going to yes just tell me how do I upload this file here in the forum ?
  6. since the day it launched for the pc still can't play and look what I bought on day of release, I'm still suffering with the passing of the days the fps drops too do not understand the more we will see.
  7. had not come to the deerclops still, and when I joined everything was with the snow and when you exit the trees through which they were all with snow still on the ground was not wo nothing came out of the snow effect winter started the 21st
  8. I'm pretty sure that was about 25 to 30 minutes, and I'm having the vanilla+ROG compatible with the SW
  9. I was in the winter and I decided to go to a cave, arriving in la I spent time exploring and I ended up dying but I had activated a touch stone on the surface, and when I went back in the cave she simply began to generate new and I lost my items, then when I leave, the world simply came out all the snow and not feel cold o.o
  10. I've noticed that the fps on the pc falls a lot of the times has nothing on back just the fps drops sometimes I am on day 1 fps to 60 with the passage of time the fps drops considerably for no reason some times I am stopped on the screen or anything on the back and is 40 to 30 fps when I exit the game and enter again it goes back to 60 fps
  11. This was supposed to be here ? his and in adventure mode o.o
  12. between in the boat place the lamp in his hand walk a little desequipe still on the boat while sailing, and after you get off the boat and ready
  13. Klei is seeing as how I'm sure on the pc has yes a drop of fps and now on ps4 also
  14. por mais que o meu pc não é bom, parece que com o passar dos dias, o jogo tem uma queda de fps sem motivo no primeiro dia do fps é de 60 sem se mover e segue ai até o dia 5 mais depois que ele começa para dar uma caída na fps recebendo 30 a 40 e não tem nada acontecendo