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  1. When opening inventory or checking gauges percentages, the number one appears randomly.
  2. While we played (day 22) it started raining and then snow appeared on everything, the night of, the snow disappeared then the next day it started snowing but everything didn't get covered with snow. So basically the snow appeared and disappeared suddenly.
  3. Unable to play splitscreen offline

    Yes happens to me also. Please fix, would like to try and play offline. Thanks
  4. I don't know if this is a bug, or if it's because it's only the beta. We've tried to play an offline game because we didn't have access to Internet and the world wouldn't start. I had to restart the whole game to start another game.
  5. Delay

    Yes the delay happens to me when picking things up or attacking stuff, there's a few miliseconds of delay.
  6. Happened to me and my friends too, played a friends only game and three different people joined in with neither of them being in our friends list.