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  1. On 11/24/2021 at 8:20 PM, ScottHansen said:

    Changed Status to Fixed

    thank you very much, looks much better now :)

    But I'm not sure if it is intended to keep the following local variable outside of functions:


    1) The problem with mods remain for this local variable (same for local MAX_GAIN_DAYS)
    2) This HEALTH_PER_DAY seems to be also used for the twins, while it based on the health of eyeofterror -> not sure if this is wanted, but I doubt?!

    Will open a new bugreport in few days if I receive no response here, to make sure it is seen.

  2. 1 hour ago, NailBat said:

    The first time it was moving, but if it had continued to move I'd expect to find a wreckage as it was near rocks. The second time however it was not moving, I was anchored near an island.

    If the boat still exists, but simply floated away, shouldn't it appear on my map?

    As far as I know the map is only updated if it is in your visible range. So everything you can not see, won't update on the map (unless another player is there, or you placed special items that are able to update)

    if you still have the savegame and are looking for the boat, try to open the console and type c_gonext("prefab"). Replace prefab with a thing on your boat, for example mast or anchor. This will teleport you to the next found thing (repeat the command if multiples are found). This way you can at least find out if the boat still exists.

    But anyway, if this also happend while boat was not able to move, this should not happen and might be a bug.

  3. was the boat moving while disconnecting? If so, then it simply continued moving, and therefore is no longer on the same position.
    The game only saves your position on the map, not that you are on a boat. So when rejoining and on that position is no boat any longer, you would fall into water and therefore start instead at the portal.

    If the boat was not moving and unable to do so (anchor) then this is a bug. otherwise not.

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  4. if the world is not generating and you are using a mod that is altering the world generation, then it is for sure (one of) this mod/s.

    A logfile would help alot to find out the reason.
    And then report this issue not here, but to the modpage, so the auhor can fix it.

    Most likey it is the "Do your map" mod (just guessing because this is new an can make islands)? The description there already says that this mod is in beta and may cause problems, in addition the mod allows you to set impossible settings, so even after that mod is completely finished, depending on your settings this can still happen.

    you can also use my teleportato mod, together with my "Increase Animals and Setpieces" which already exist since several years and do allow most of the customization without problems, including islands.

  5. I'm using now:

    local tasksfile = require("map/tasks")
        thetasks = _G.ArrayUnion(tasksetdata.tasks,tasksetdata.optionaltasks)
        for i,name in ipairs(thetasks) do
            task = tasksfile.GetTaskByName(name)
            if task~=nil then
                -- mod the task ...

    is that okay ?
    hm, no that is no solution if we need to know the actual chosen_tasks...

    The level.lua also has "GetTasksForLevel", but where can we call this before the world is generated?
    Or I could "hack" into the ChooseTasks function...

  6. 5 minutes ago, ScottHansen said:

    We don't have any enforced patterns for this. The concept of being pickable, harvestable, or workable is on the prefab, not the growable component. When an object has a growable component, it simply means that it cycles through various states over time.

    thank you for your response :)

    Yes, but in the harvestable/workable functions is stuff wirtten like "if growstage==3 then give3coconuts end". This is impossible to use by a mod. So the only constant we currently have is the growstage.
    Dont you think it would help modders and also developers, if you would make the loot more accessable? Eg. put into the growstages something like loot="none", loot="big"  and within harvestable you have a mod-accessable table that the "big" loot will be eg. 3 coconuts.
    Of course this is only an example to show you what I mean.

    Anyway even if you dont implement it, thank you for your time :)

  7. On 26.9.2019 at 11:37 PM, ScottHansen said:


    thank you very much :)
    But, say, will you have any kind of pattern for this in the future? I mean I just saw that for the new rock_avocado_bush you have 4 grow stages, while again the 3rd seems to be the one to considered "tall", but now you simply named them "stage_3" instead of "tall". Why dont you keep a pattern for this? Or in case the is not recommended to be used for that, how else can we modders find out if something growable is now in his best stage to be harvested? Or will stagenumber 3 always be the best stage?

  8. 8 hours ago, ScottHansen said:

    Out of curiosity, what does adding a name field achieve for you?

    1) the "Show Me" mod by star/Maris is showing alot of information. One of this information is the the grow stage of trees/spiderdens and also marble trees (most useful for twiggy trees). But for marble trees there is no stagename to show.
    2) My "Evolving Maxwell Shadows" mod is only allowing the shadows to cut"tall" trees. For all normal trees this works fine, but not for the marbletrees because of missing name. I had to add special code for them "stage==3" now, but who knows if stage 3 will always be the "tall"==highest stage value (of course for marbletrees it wont change, but I should not add code for "if nil then use stage==3", because this might not be correct for everything.)

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  9. 1 hour ago, ScottHansen said:

    As of the next hot fix (today or tomorrow?), players without a drownable component will not teleport to the portal on spawn.

    thank you :)
    but is this really what you want? I'm not sure what the reason for this multiplayer_portal teleport is, but it sounded reasonable to teleport players on impassable ground to the portal. Players on the ocean with drownable will sink anyway directly after spawn. So... the only loation where this teleport might make sense is within caves..?
    So it still might be a better idea to simply save the task, so modders might cancel it, if needed.

    But of course you have a better overlook over the code, so your decision will be the right one :)

  10. 6 hours ago, -Variant said:

    Wait is this a mod bug report?

    You shouldn't report bugs that don't stem from the main game itself, I might be misreading this though.

    If it is this needs to be brought to the Modder's attention, as they've probably got older states going.

    no it isnt...
    I'm a modder myself and I tried to solve this. But I consider this unsolveable (withoug fixing bugs in Kleis code), because it is a bug on Klei's side.
    The mod only makes this bug visible, because without a tool that interacts with the PICK action, you wont notice the bug in normal game.

  11. Try some of these:

    Please report back what helped. And also if the problem is still sovled after a mod updated (cause I friend of mine is able to delete all of those mods in windows safe mode, but is not able to update any mod. So everytime a new update is there, he has to go to safe mode, delete the old version and install the new one -.- )

  12. 4 hours ago, I Heart Popcorn said:

    Dang it. I was hoping it wasnt related to Windows 10 permissions. Permission issues have also caused problems with being able to join games telling me the server mods are out of date or missing. I know that's not the case because it happened On every server with modsI tried and I as able to join from another computer.

    For some reason I am unable to remedy this because even when I give myself full control over that folder, and even change ownership, I can't  delete some files.  The only remedy has been for me to reinstall to another location, since the uninstall utility leaves files in there and stream won't install in that same folder unless it's empty.

    Damn computer. 

    In the link I also described solution how to delete those files. Boot in save mode from windows.
    To get in save mode you can create a new txt file, paste this in it:
    shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00
    and rename the file to eg. "safety mode.bat" (so remove the ending "txt" and rename it to "bat").
    Then execute it. this will bring you to save mode, where you can delete those files. Then just restart to get to normal mode again.

  13. 3 hours ago, ivorie said:

    i'm having the same problem, i've deleted many of my mods to try and clear the problem up, but it just wont work and comes up with the same thing as this

    did you try the solution I linked above ? (set rights for folder)

  14. I also reported this half year ago. It seems there can only be ~10-20 pengull spawns per world. After they are done, no more pengulls are spawning with entry in logfile that there would be too many pengull places in the world.

    Not sure if it still behaves the same way.