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  1. new user that im going to be using from now on: TwigsAndSticks

  2. I'm near the top! (sorry for being dead) (probably gonna make a new user)


  3. Any Ideas for content?

  4. Spider's finally awake and they wanted to make a Twitch account! Yeah!! People can watch us while we play!!


    1. Asparagus


      too bad I was going to go to bed ;-;

    2. WebbersSpider


      Will you be on tomorrow? We'll probably Stream tomorrow isn't that right? Yes maybe. Depends on our schedule! 

    3. Asparagus


      Maybe... I'll have to wake up early for the Klei Stream later though :3

  5. Any Topic ideas? We'd like to make another Topic but we have no ideas!

  6. I'm still not sure. She's really depressed? Her ghost doesn't like us though.
  7. Hi! Me and my spider friend joined yesterday and we're really enjoying sharing our ideas! Spider isn't awake right now though. <3

  8. We're still half asleep. That means one of us is awake. It could be me or Spider. Right now I'm aw- *yawn* awake..

  9. I'll let Spider know that we have another follower when they wake-*yawn*- up.. Thanks!

    1. Mobbstar


      I don't even ask for meat before following you :3

    2. WebbersSpider



  10. We say thanks for our first Follower!! They're a bit too excited. We almost let the fire too low. Thanks!

    1. Asparagus


      ROGMeld - Copy.png Wheeeh aarrr quitgghht pleaszzd toogh beegh aff yoouur--

      *creals throat*


      Yes, quite pleased to meet your acquaintance as well O__O


      Welcome to madness

    2. WebbersSpider


      I'm glad Spider isn't awake right now.. *yawn*

  11. Me and Boy would like to see your topics and things about us! Spider said they wanted to do this so I said OK. Just don't tell Mister about this.
  12. Say something about me and you're through buddy. SoRRy Spider doesn't like other people that much!!