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  1. 15 hours ago, Mobbstar said:

    Oh no! It appears Webber is going... insanik

    This guy gets it. I just love running away from Terrorbeaks, casually thinking I can outspeed them with a walking cane.

    12 hours ago, ImDaMisterL said:

    These aren't lame, they're awesome!

    Thankies! maybe I should not calling them lame if you all like them so much.

    11 hours ago, rubidiumsart said:

    heyheyheyhey, these are good though. good job, mate

    Thankies!! :p I'll probably post another drawing in some hours. 

    7 hours ago, Arlesienne said:

    Ye gods, it's my boy! It's my boy! Just look how insanely talented he is! I mean LOOK AT THESE! I just-!


    I didn't exactly verbalise my thoughts, did I?

    Sorry for being IC. These are gorgeous. Do draw this picture when Webber mutilates catcoons with the mercs when you have a moment! Or Wigfrid cheering on him as he eats monster lasagna.

    All aboard the ship, eh?

    Oh boy, you're flattering me too much! Ah yes, I'll gladly draw those moments! Catcoon one might have some blood in it though. and yes, All aboard the Ship! 

    4 hours ago, Wothur said:

    That Webber is cute AF.          .---.




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  2. 5 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

    Don't be, you're really good :)

    Looking forward. Do you ship Wendy and Wilson btw? the / made me curious.

    Thanks! it means a lot to me even though I'm not happy with it yet. 

    Oh pffft, my mistake. No, I don't ship Wendy with Wilson. I prefer having them with no one, or in Wilson's case, Willow perhaps? maybe even WX-78? (Yeah I know that's probably odd.) and For Wendy, well, I like the idea of her being with Webber.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Youknowwho said:

    on a sidenote however

     we need to talk about your distinguishing non lame things from lame things skills.

    they are not the best, unlike these drawings.

    I'm at that artist phase of not being happy with my work much, haha.

    44 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

    Seems like your a fan of Webber :) your style is really cute ^_^

    He sure is! I also love WX and Wendy along with Wilson, I'll make a doodle of them soon.

    1 hour ago, minespatch said:

    I like the way you draw Webber. It's different from other interpretations of the character and his limbs are rather thick. Adds to the endearing nature of this character.

    Aw thanks, To be honest, He kinda looked like a cat to me in the first drawing. (since the fur/hair I gave him looked like some cat ears haha.) I also saw how some artist drew him and It kinda inspired me.

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