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    Hey, been a while since I was last alive on here huh? Guess you can say I don't get on the forums much. I'm mostly on discord or other media really. So if anyone really wants to know when I'll post art or rather have me just DM you art I've made but never shared publically feel free to message me on discord then, I won't lie at times I kinda forget to post art here at all or show it to others since for the most part I pick a selection of friends and two servers I post my art in. Kinda mostly because I'm not sure if anyone is still interested in looking at my work since I have a huge dead-status on here.


    Anyway hope you guys are having a great one, thanks for reading this!


    1. DragonMage156


      Hey glad to hear from you :encouragement:

    2. minespatch


      I'd still like to see more of your art.:wilson_smile:

      Don't worry, I'm happy you brought your thoughts out.