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  1. Spoiler

    Don't you just love deleting data you can't recover and losing access to software and you have to purchase it again? That's me right now and I'm internally screaming inside/the reason why I haven't been posting art lately. Hopefully I'll be able to do so when I get outta school today, If not, I guess I'll make some drawings on Paper. :mad:

     In other words, who would be interested of me posting art that would be non-DST related on a different forum or probably spam it in Discord? @Arlesienne @MeingroessterFan What do you guys think??

    1. PandoruMish


      I'm interested ) Post it wherever you want to, in Discord would be great too :adoration:

    2. PiturcaClaudiuStef


      yeah any art of yours is great so why not

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