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  1. Alright so I wrote a thing and @Arlesienne, wanted me to post it here and all. It could of been on a Don't Starve forum, but I'm shy as heck and made it on a activity blog, blah, blah, @PandoMish Here is the story I made, blah, blah, enjoy this mess, blah, blah. 


    LAME Fanfiction written by yours truly, Fortie 

    A/N: I decided I can TRY to do a small written story to indulge more information of my Webber in the Rp, sounds good right? Yeah, it would be if I can even write good stories to start with... Anyway, enjoy this mess. 

    Contains: FEELS, Horrible writing,, hints of some trauma?? dual personality, self-hate. Maxwell is a jerk he tricked Webber, I MADE THIS UNDER HALF A HOUR ITS SHORT,,


    You tend to wander more often since you arrived at this strange world, It's an exciting new area for you to explore and tell the tales when you arrive back at camp.

    But it's not. 

    Despite your efforts to remain positive and keeping your family together, you can't help but feel at times that you shouldn't be here. 

     Like you both shouldn't be alive at all. 

    You only feel like this because of your rather unfortunate transportation that lead you here to start with. 

    Why, you even started to rather dislike your form when you had fused with Him. Who would enjoy having the most rather ebony color of black, and fur that isn't very warm to start with? Fangs that can easily do damage onto others, and... Those extra arachnid legs that appear on top your very own head.

    You had fused with the very spider that had tried to kill you, after all. 

    You can't recall exactly how you two even got together anyway, nor can he. You had wish it was just some very, twisted nightmare that would have you crying in the middle of the night. Only for your parents, or even grandpa to come knocking into your room to comfort you. 

    In reality, the very dull pain and frantic sounds of both of your heartbeats, the nagging feeling that something was awfully wrong, proved otherwise.

    In a frantic panic, you had tried to remove him by pulling at your own fur and head, it was futile since you both had fused, and He wasn't applied like a helmet to wear, you had to stop and let the thought sink that you're both stuck like this now.

    Or so you had thought. 

    A lone man, who was hidden the darkness like he had belonged in it, offered you both the way turning you both back to your separate selfs. If you had agree to following him somewhere.

    You and Him agreed without any other choice, if you hadn't, would your parents even love such a horrible, fearsome, and freakishly being you had become? You didn't have the guts to go running back home this time.

    He offered his hand, and you both took it.


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      "He offered his hand, and you both took it."

      You have great potential, @Fortie. Best Webber, since Mishka first met him...

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