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Posts posted by Fortie

  1. 18 hours ago, Arlesienne said:

    Clearly not Wes. These two have... history.

    *carving canals in arrowheads and blades ensues*

    Non-RPG wise, It would be Wes.


    23 hours ago, minespatch said:
    1. Did Wes offer him those?
    2. Yup, you did. You're breaking down the fundamentals and learning how his body works. :wilson_goodjob: You also got friends here cheering on your progress too.

    Why yes, Wes did offer Webber some friend shaped balloons! 


    Aw true,, I have support from everyone. THANKS!!

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  2. 3 hours ago, MeingroessterFan said:

    Can I stick it on my computer? :D

    Go ahead my friend! ^^

    1 hour ago, DragonMage156 said:

    I can definitely see Webber and his little plush better like this ^_^

    Hey, just like Lipton's fanart for my OC. It had a white border round the character so I said it looked like a sticker ^_^ still love to have both on my hard drive as decor though.

    Yep! this does look way better now, and really? cool! :D 

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