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  1. And last but not least this time I managed to capture a little video of that crash happening. And of course I will add my log. In this game file it is actually the second pig bandit I attacked. The first one had no problems (and escaped). Oh... and I guess I was force attacking (muscle memory due to attacking butterlies); but I'm not completly sure about that.

    The video is a little laggy and shaky; Don't Starve is running way better on my engine, but since I don't have a very fast upload I just decided to go with this poor quality.

    Don't Starve 2018.11.15 -


  2. So... after playing for a little bit more in a new world without any mods this crash happend twice again. Without any involement of Shadow Puppets. So I acutally have no clue atm how to not trigger that crash exept that attacking that damn Masked Pig is somehow involved... but it seems saving the game and reentering before dealing with the Masked Pig seems somehow (at least until now) prevent this crash from happening... (at least it did not a single time occour when I "pepared" for a crash.)


    Edit: Just to be sure - I'm still playing with changed world settings (all seasons long, no boons, no glowfly cycle)

    Edit2: It also crashes with unchanged world setting while playing maxwell. No crashes with wickerbotten, warbucks and wigfried.



  3. I had the same bug happening on day 69 in the ruins. And while it spawned kind of "outside" the room I was in, it still somehow managed to kill me in one hit (atm playing as maxwell and I was just about to switch gear and had for just a split second no armor).

    Edit: And I might need to add: I was standing near the left edge of the room and I think it tried to make that eat the player thing.

  4. As far as I know meteor showers should start when you discover the surface... at least thats what the devs posted in a update note...

    And I checked all update notes which are newer then 272945 for the word "meteor" and I found nothing regarding the start of meteorshowers. So I guess if your asteroid gets destroyed before you were at the surface or near the surface it could be considered a bug. But to be honest I don't know which behavior is intentional at the moment.

  5. I'm not completly sure but I think this bug happens, when your Dupes try to store a seed in a container which does not have enough space left for the seed. I encountered this bug too.

  6. It is a world primary generated as shipwrecked. I was spanwned on that island (so its my starter island). The first 2 days I explored my starter island, there was no tar slick. Around day 12 I used the quacken drill in the ocean to the southeast to spawn a tar slick (you can also see that tar slick on my map; its in the sea to the south east and that tar collector thing is build on it). A few days after that (on day 17) I realized that there was suddendly a tar slick in my jungle too. I didn't find the seaworthy jet and I didn't use one. Maybe the use of the quacken drill spawned the tar slick in the ocean and in my jungle too (or maybe it was something complete different). But I'm not sure about that. I was not able to reproduce that issue jet.


    Edit: I'm using no mods.

    Edit 2: Please excuse my bad english... It's not my mother tongue. I can understand spoken and written english very well but i have issues expressing what i want to say.