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  1. [Beta] Tar Slick spawns in Jungle Biom

    It is a world primary generated as shipwrecked. I was spanwned on that island (so its my starter island). The first 2 days I explored my starter island, there was no tar slick. Around day 12 I used the quacken drill in the ocean to the southeast to spawn a tar slick (you can also see that tar slick on my map; its in the sea to the south east and that tar collector thing is build on it). A few days after that (on day 17) I realized that there was suddendly a tar slick in my jungle too. I didn't find the seaworthy jet and I didn't use one. Maybe the use of the quacken drill spawned the tar slick in the ocean and in my jungle too (or maybe it was something complete different). But I'm not sure about that. I was not able to reproduce that issue jet. Edit: I'm using no mods. Edit 2: Please excuse my bad english... It's not my mother tongue. I can understand spoken and written english very well but i have issues expressing what i want to say.
  2. [Beta] Tar Slick spawns in Jungle Biom

    Well.. if it were a glitch in the worldgen... shouldn't the tar slick be in my jungle from the start? It just appeared suddendly out of nowhere... (I'm really sure that it wasen't there at day 1 and quite sure it wasn't there at day 10.)
  3. Could it be an issue with hydrogen condensating in a gas pipe? (I was just trying to imagine how to build a working liquid hydrogen storage.)
  4. Gas Filter

    Same with the liquid filter.
  5. When contaminated Water and normal Water should mix (maybe into contaminated Water?) instead the Liquid Mixture starts to "wobble" and "jump". (I don't know how to discribe it better.) I attach my savegame in which this is happening. At least at my PC. Look at the waterpool at the bottom of my base. At least on my PC everthing is jumping. Starving Factory.sav
  6. A broken small battery will be fixed after saving and reloading.
  7. After my Dupes emptied a source of water (with some parts contaminated water), they are still able to pick bottled Water out of this source. Again and again and again. Its infinite. Hovering with my mouse gives me: 7,5 kg, 7,5kg, 7,5 kg, 6,4 kg, 6,4 kg, 6,3 kg, 6,4 kg and 6,4 kg contaminated Water. It doesn't change. My dupes continue to pull normal Water out of this liquid. One Kilo at a time. I add my savegame that you can confirm this. (Beware it's a dying colony... the last 5 cycles I was just sitting there and watching after my colony was already in a disastrous state.) Starving Factory.sav CAVE: If you use this save to confirm this bug: disable the Water Pump immediate. I discovered by testing if my safe is working another bug... It'll be in a separate post. Edit: It's not enough to disable the Water Pump (it takes to much time). Deconstructing a pipe will do the trick. Edit 2: It's not working out of a save (I just thougt at the first moment)... I'm sorry... But the Bug worked for 5 Cycles...
  8. "Wobbeling" Liquids

    Ah... I just realized, Liquids don't mix until now. Therefore the contaminated Water wants to settle down and the normal Water wants to go up. If I add in this process more Liquid everthings starts going wild.
  9. Please check this

    Shipwrecked is a DLC for Don't Starve Singleplayer NOT for Don't Starve Together therefore if you want to play Shipwrecked you'll need Don't Starve (the Singleplayer Version).