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  1. Just finished a new cover: Spring Cleaning Rag.mp3. Legit my favorite piece on the soundtrack, so I had a lot of fun with this.
  2. Workin' on some music stuff finally after a long absence of... not doing that. I'm gonna compile my starve here. I'll add some more later whenever (if ever) I finish them. The Starvers Carol - Festive Orchestra.mp3 - 12/15/2016 Don't Starve Together - Orchestral Cover.mp3 - 2/9/2018 Spring Cleaning Rag.mp3 - 2/13/2018 This one has Sheets!.pdf I do like feedback, my guys
  3. the memes topic has officially reached 69 pages this is it guys, the pinnacle no more posting it's cancelled
  4. I know this isn't 8bit related but you know what it's DS themed and it's my thread so i do what i want Sonny Jim A handful of people asked me about this cover and how I put it together so here she is i dunno where else to put it
  5. That's okay! For a non-musician missing a coda or two isn't a big deal. It's a sweet little cover anyway
  6. oh no my hand slipped.mp3 Klei you've made me drop everything i'm doing to cover Wilson's Christmas Mixtape® I hope you're happy and i'm dying these are all so cuuuuuuuute
  7. I collect unusual instruments and record them with horrendous quality jaguar whistle.mp3
  8. Ah yes my favorite Klei game: Don't Fall Into The Pit of Despair; Now with gates!
  9. Am I the only one who finds it odd that these updates are starting to slowly become more domestic? Gates, pets, animal domestication, new means of agriculture... camps are starting to become more and more indulgent to the point where I'm starting to get suspicious that the survivors have just given up on escaping altogether. (This is purely coming from a plot related perspective btw; in terms of gameplay this only enhances the experience. I love my stead and my smol pup and my oddly sensual scarecrow) It's less "uncompromising wilderness survival" than it used to be is all I'm sayin'. ... Unless all these goodies are trying to lull us into a false sense of security. I don't trust this for one minute. I'm onto you, Klei.