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  1. My character zip file wont compile in the Anim folder. I think the problem might have something to do with headbase and headbase_hat in my exported folder but i'm not sure.
  2. I would like ability Wolfgang has
  3. I want my character to glow in the dark but the radius of the glow be as big as the thermal stones glow
  4. I did but the game changed it back to wilson -_- i'm fixing it now wait hold on i didnt change anything with the nightmare stuff okay i fixed it
  5. now it wont let me eat the nightmare fuel but it displays the option to eat it
  6. oh ok well thank you then. One more thing though can you make the garland hat infinite for my character
  7. no i only want to be able to eat it i just want it to go in that food category for my character sense i'm planing on making my character only eat meat
  8. now would it be possible to add nightmare fuel to the meat category along with this
  9. I want to be able to eat nightmare fuel and gain the same stats as you get from dragonpie
  10. Is it possible to make my character transparent like a shadow creature and if so how
  11. everything i kill to drop nightmare fuel only be able to eat nightmare fuel become transparent like a shadow creature(If possible) Transformation, something similar to Wolfgang aoe attack that when i right click my player jumps/attacks and creates a earthquake/crater like effect