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  1. 1 minute ago, Arlesienne said:

    That's just typical. It was the same way with the Hallowed Nights sets - I can't forget Krampus!Maxwell, rook!WX and batilisk!Webber... The sets were so cute. I'm curious how these will work, that is - can females use the coat? And males - the dress? Can we equip own heads with them?

    Indeed. I just can't get over how nice the Yuletide outfits look. Like, give us some of those. And let us keep the Halloween outfit from the person we main :[ ARGH 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Arlesienne said:

    Yeah, if someone puts a virtual thingy for such a price, it's clearly not for normal sales. Sellers should watch the buy orders and arranged for prices reasonably close if they want to sell their skins, because the system automatically picks the cheapest item.

    What's odd is that the usually not-too-coveted Woodie GoH is now right after Catcoon Carryall. Before Floppy Strawhat and the-like.

    Well, someone is having a blast trying to make some money! :p

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  3. 16 minutes ago, ExtollerOfTrolls said:

    I think he appreciates the gesture, honestly.

    Anytime, man! It was really fun! Sorry I wasn't able to get it done earlier. I don't know what timezone you live in, but it was starting to get kind of late.

    Get it done earlier? It was like a day.. Dude. Relax. It's beautiful and I love it ^^

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  4. 12 minutes ago, GhOostNight said:

    Or some retailer here, but that sounds more difficult

    Indeed. I am probably ordering myself in a few weeks, I'll figure it out if I can possible help some people here get one of these plushies a little cheaper. It might not work, since shipping to me, and me shipping to other people might be the same amount of shipping in the end anyway.