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  1. Ah man, why are the best skins you guys release always event skins that will disappear? ;-;
  2. They are on the market, so they are not temporary.
  3. Well, I didn't even notice it when I uploaded lol. You ALL have, luckily. Pancake Glommer is a thing now.
  4. Seriously, good job on the endtables Klei! I absolutely love them!
  5. That is impressive. I only found a breezy vest and some ropes next to a body so you got that going for you
  6. Meanwhile here I am.. First winter.. First camp..
  7. I really don't want my cat to be fighting anything. I'd be devastated when he died. A cuddle for sanity tho, that I can do! Looks amazing indeed!
  8. Finally, I can order that calico chest skin. Eh, Chester I mean. Yes. Ahem.
  9. Well, let's hope the faster they get these promotional skins out of the way, the closer the possibility comes for us to see them released on Steam/Ps4. So yay for more skins for Tencent!
  10. Well, someone is having a blast trying to make some money!
  11. Well, looks like someone is messing up the market again..
  12. I got a Kittycoon now. And I'm worried about it. And I love it.
  13. Does the flower arrangement thing work for the original table as well? I have one that followed me home like a creep, you see. ALSO OH MY GOD BRB I HAVE TO GO GET MY PET
  14. You can't just say that and not give us a screenshot!
  15. Am I the only one just looking next to the puppy and seeing that adorable cat and wanting that cat more than anything I ever wanted from an update? Seriously, amazing work! It's almost they're saving the best for the later updates this time (for me at least).
  16. Get it done earlier? It was like a day.. Dude. Relax. It's beautiful and I love it ^^
  17. Oh my god!!! I would like it a million times if I could!! Thank you so much!!
  18. I can always become a pick up point of course xD But very off topic this. Let's not get any further into this haha.
  19. Indeed. I am probably ordering myself in a few weeks, I'll figure it out if I can possible help some people here get one of these plushies a little cheaper. It might not work, since shipping to me, and me shipping to other people might be the same amount of shipping in the end anyway.
  20. I wonder if it would be possible to order some things for people in Europe as a mass order, so that shipping would be cheaper.
  21. So you need to buy a Chester for the chest skin? (Just asking to be sure, that chest looks so cool!)