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  1. Just now, Dragara said:

    Is that what he's been doing? I honestly had no clue because all I can see is a bunch of broken images (which is irritating in its own right, of course, but I thought the reaction was a little strong for just that).

    Hopefully that little patch of drama is over and we can go back to our regularly scheduled dnak maymays. (Please don't leave, Cabbage… :c)

    TBH, it was starting to feel like I was suddenly over at Facepunch. :V

    It is from what I've been seeing. I hang out in the 'Released Skins' topic a lot and I have been noticing he likes to take screenshots from other people there and pretend they are his drops.. Ahem. I reported a bunch of images in here he posted for spamming, so they were already removed. Nothing to worry about now of course. 

    Let the dankness continue in peace. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, mochilo said:

    And this is how my inventory looks after a Trade Inn avalanch where I destroyed most of my inventory + a few Euro I earned by selling some of my very old TF2 items :D. I mostly got a lot of Silk Robe on the very same colour after trading away all the classies, and finally the Nightgown by trading the resultant Spiffies + my cute backpack. I actually love that one, will look awesome on Wolfgang, Webber and Wes. Not that worth, but maybe next time :)


    I would never go give skins to beggars!

    But if you lowkey want a broodling, hit me up. 

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