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  1. Waiting patiently for the drawing from the art stream to hit the forums. ^^
  2. I see chickenslippers. I am excited.
  3. All I can see is 'in the raining' and I can't stop smiling.
  4. I think the picture was called 'Pinguitten' or something.
  5. It is from what I've been seeing. I hang out in the 'Released Skins' topic a lot and I have been noticing he likes to take screenshots from other people there and pretend they are his drops.. Ahem. I reported a bunch of images in here he posted for spamming, so they were already removed. Nothing to worry about now of course. Let the dankness continue in peace.
  6. I don't even post here but all I see that guy doing is taking peoples artwork and screenshots and posting it like he did it himself. And of course, spamming the same picture over and over again. Not cool man, not cool. Edit: And here, have this. So I don't just come here to call someone out.
  7. Hey! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy it! ^^ 

  8. I don't have all of them, but I did make some screenies in a lobby. I just Wendy mostly though, sorry.
  9. Not gonna lie, it's a little weird.
  10. This is not accurate at all looking at my luck last couple of days!
  11. I would never go give skins to beggars! But if you lowkey want a broodling, hit me up.
  12. Have fun with it! And sorry to all the other offers, it's gone already.
  13. I have an extra Ewelet if anyone wants one. For free. Someone that got all their drops already and no pet skin! -Trading link- Edit - It's gone. I'll be back. ^^
  14. 20161216235308_1.jpg

    I love you, Trade Inn Guy I don't know the actual name of. <3

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    2. Arlesienne
    3. Arlesienne


      She's vege though, so you'd better get Pickle It with her.

    4. Kittydub


      I am very much aware, I have played her before in multiple servers, I can work with her. ^^ Thanks!

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  15. Indeed. I just can't get over how nice the Yuletide outfits look. Like, give us some of those. And let us keep the Halloween outfit from the person we main :[ ARGH
  16. Well no. Because that would be plain stealing from a person that already made it in the workshop.