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  1. I lied to a good friend. 

    The first day boats came out of the beta I went on and streamed to a friend so I could show off my main 952 day world. Trying to look pro, I made a boat, placed a sail.. The wrong way around. The thing smacked into the border of the island a few times and before I noticed what was going on, I was dead. I told the friend I had 'connection problems' (Think OH MY GOD THE LAG THIS IS UNPLAYABLE SEND HELP I NEED A GROWNUP.. Very theatrical -.-) and didn't play for three weeks after. Sorry buddy. That was not a connection problem.. Twas me. 

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  2. A lot of bigger mods don't work well with each other, bugging out, causing extra lag, crashing. I doubt this is a bug, since using over a hundred mods is a little on the heavy side as is. My computer for one, would never be able to handle that, even 50 mods would be too much.