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  1. Let us know if it happens again, especially if it's save/loadable like before!
  2. Whoa! Taking a look at this now, thank you! [edit: It's not happening for me when I load the save, but from the video it sounds like this is an automation sound which is getting constantly retriggered. Particularly, it sounds like the atmo sensor's circuit is being repeatedly disabled. If this is still happening for you, would you mind disabling Options -> Audio -> Always play automation sounds? This will make automation sounds only play when the overlay is open. If the sound is gone, now you can play this save without being driven insane by that beeping and it will help us narrow down the source of the issue!]
  3. Woooot! That makes me really glad to hear! No worries, I do the same thing all the time hahah. Thanks for posting so I could help solve it! Hope you enjoy the game and your newfound ability to hear it! I'm the audio designer on ONI so if you ever have any sound feedback, no matter how big or small, I'm suuuuper interested in hearing it so feel free to reach out
  4. Ah yeah, that's not ideal but I'm glad to know you can at least get it groovin' though. Is there a website for your sound card/motherboard manufacturer you can visit? I've seen sometimes that Windows Update doesn't actually catch the latest driver updates, but there are updates available on the website. I had a similar issue that was solved by updating audio drivers, but Windows Update know about the new version.
  5. Thanks for the dxdiag, I'll take a look at this now Hmm - does your monitor have a headphone output? If so - just to help narrow down the issue would you mind setting your default audio output to your monitor and trying to plug your headphones into your monitor to see if that works?
  6. Hey @iggzy! Would you mind posting your dxdiag for me and I can help hunt down what's going on? Usually in these cases we suggest updating audio drivers just in case... you can try that in the mean time and see if that fixes the issue!
  7. Hey @Pi2! Your request has made me realise that the music checkbox is labelled wrong... in reality, that checkbox determines whether or not the dynamic music is playing every cycle vs giving you some cycles without music. What do you mean by "it stops the game", though? Do you mean the little hitch that happens every morning? I looked into that for you and it turns out that that little hitch is when the game is autosaving.
  8. hahahaha whoops, I've been found out D: SOMETIMES WHEN I CAN'T SLEEP I LOOK AT ONI FAN ART OK
  9. Changed Status to Known Issue Changed Redmine to http://redmine.office.kleientertainment.com/issues/2905
  10. They may not attack physically, but they certainly attack emotionally :C
  11. Should be fixed in an upcoming hotfix, thanks @Whispershade!
  12. Awesome, thanks! The music checkbox -- the label of that might be a bit misleading... it's meant to mean that music will play every single cycle, rather than only play every second or third cycle. Does music play every cycle for you regardless of whether you have it checked? In either case, you've reminded me to rename that button!
  13. Hey @Pi2, thanks for the report! Is this still happening? I can't seem to reproduce it on any of our machines.
  14. Changed Status to Known Issue Changed Redmine to http://redmine.office.kleientertainment.com/issues/2709
  15. @528663_1452787749Ah gotcha... I think I know what might be going on. Adding to our tracker, thanks! @banedeathif you were referring to something else, lemme know!
  16. Hey gang, thanks for the posts! I'm a bit confused about what exactly you mean... is it that the sounds don't pan to the left and right of the screen as expected as you scroll the map around? So even though the vending machine (for example) is on the left half of your screen, it still sounds like it's coming from the middle?
  17. Hey @Tyrko, thanks for the report! Do you happen to have a save from when you first noticed the issue? I'd be interested to see what buildings were around when this problem started. It sounds to me like a Power Switch of some sort... did you have any thermo/atmo switches nearby before?
  18. I honestly can't even express how much joy I've gotten from looking through this thread <3 y'all are seriously incredible!