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  1. ironic cringe is still cringe Jesus Christ why did I make these
  2. I smell deviant art on this page

    a lot of it

    1. RyanandLink


      ew who are you

  3. for a second it looked like she was pregnant omfg then my eyes adjusted and i was like "thanks christ"
  4. @Chris1488 there is no need to be rude you'll hurt my feelies
  5. alright im just going to say right now I thought when you said "acquire" i thought you meant inquiring items for free. My mistake for not clearing that up. When i say free i mean like Drops. Achviements. Trading is essentially "paying' and i know you can trade with items you find but that's really not the same and is a whole other topic
  6. 5 - 7 ? i can only think of 2. Drops and Achievements what's the other 5 - 6?
  7. i sold all my hats for dank dst memes ------------- Team Fortress 2 is pretty dead lets be fair mate. I mean it's not the same anymore. Sure there is still alot of players but just not as many as there was before. Alot of people quit when the new updates rolled by (me included) and if you are like me and have like 1.7k hours on TF2 it's just really old. I mean the gameplay is pretty great but just.. I just feel like Valve can put more effort into their updates instead of just smacking everything with "community update" instead of an actual "real" update. left a bad taste in my mouth to be honest. All a community update really is is just new cosmetics. I could argue for hours on community updates but i'd rather not. What im trying to say is the cosmetics really took over the game and it just got reaaally old. And i know there is going to be some of you like "oh yeah you don't need to focus on cosmetics and hats" but like when the game shoves it down your throat it's really hard not too pay attention to it. So yeah. TF2 really like.. pushes all these cosmetics in your direction so it's near impossible to ignore. DST is doing every right with cosmetics so far which is gucci
  8. it happened to tf2 it will happen to dst tbh -- still waiting for your actual awnser instead of an overused don't starve gif
  9. skins are going to be the death of don't starve together
  10. So incase you didn't know.. I make memeful MS paint art Really fits my personality I occasionally stream it time to time yadda yadda yadda anyways here is some of the things i streamed. If you'd like one i'll see about getting around to it not-like-you-actually-want-one-of-these alright enjoy my masterpieces