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  1. i'm sure you don't get requests often or you might but I would like to make one. @minepatch gave me a neat idea after comment on one of my song parodies nd i was wondering if you could draw a picture using the based on the lyrics. I thought it would be neat and really thankful if you did you don't have to of course don't feel bad to say no anyway here is the snippet


    I came in like a aba- a- gail
    I never got hit so hard 
    All I wanted was to tank the mobs
    All they ever did was break me
    Yeah,they killed me
    I put you high up in the thick
    And now, you're not coming out
    It slowly turned, I let you burn
    And now, we're dead on the ground


    1. rubiidiums


      o ye of course!! i will do it when i have time to do it
      sorry for slow response tho

    2. Donke60