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  1. Version 1.1.5


    Stats -150 HP/150 Hunger/150 Sanity -Takes 20% MOREdamage than normal characters -Slightly above average walk/run speed Abilitys/Perks -His punches, just like the Real Saitama, can cause huge craters hurting enemies around him! -Punches are so hard that it crates a shovewave, hurting every enemy surrounding the punched enemy -But they dont hurt as much as you'd think they would -Both Saitaiam and Cosplayer do ZERO damage when it comes to any Hand-Equippable weapon. Nada. If i havent made myself clear enough already: Saitama = Most OP character ever. Saitama(Cosplayer) = Not so OP. This Mod Is Configurable! This Mod is configurable! You can decide if you want Saitama, Saitama(Cosplayer), or both in your server! Though we're kinda settled with Saitama being able to one-shot everything we're happily waiting for suggestions and feedback for Saitama(Cosplayer!) This is a lighthearted character for those who want to have fun! Enjoy punching everything!