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  1. Update: May have found issue. Leaving for future reference if the issue is not solved by what I think needs to happen.
  2. Alright, so the pictures attached show my issue. I have only my mod enabled, so the issue isn't somewhere else. I have my own custom portraits in the folder, and all the assets are in line. I don't know why it's borrowing from the other characters. I have also included the main log file and the most recent log file for any coding issue that may have gone over my head. Please assist? client_log.txt client_log_2016-07-14-21-05-23.txt
  3. Update: My mod is now not crashing, but the bigportrait that is popping up is not the one I created. It's "borrowing" from the portrait next to it, first showing up as Wilson, then showing up as the random character portrait. The mod is functioning and running and not crashing, there's just the issue of the portrait not working properly.
  4. Update. The whole mod crashes. It'll show up fine, generate the world fine, but if I select my character, it crashes.
  5. Love the tutorial, and I've successfully made a character that works. However, I'm having an issue with the big portrait. It seems to be a clipping error. It's cut off in game so that only the top left half is there. Any suggestions on how I would fix this? I checked the tex file using a tex viewer, and the image seems fine. I've attached what I'm seeing below.