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  1. Catapults for bunnymen farm. Once built on surface and cave change. Wig for helms make 50 place them in ruins, fuel weaver, dragon fly change. Wickerbottom bee queen tentacle trap, craft books change. Max get all rocks you need read books change. Willow make Bernies change. It is fun to be all the different characters. It adds to the game.
  2. Autumn the server is full, Winter only the strong 2-4 survive, Spring a few return and Summer I am alone in the caves. I agree with Brago-sama living in the caves is easiest in the summer. No need to fight the Ant. Only problem is when newbies come to the surface and won't live in the caves.
  3. Would the veg disappear if they were not picked? Replace all carrots with garlic?? Then if the garlic is not picked replace it with corn then back to carrots??
  4. Klei may not have a way to report but steam does. Read the guidelines for steam reporting first.
  5. I so disagree with this. I had no friends that enjoyed playing DST as much as I did. I have met so many good ppl on the Klei public servers. You are so wrong. It is worth trying to keep a Klei server going past 1000 days just to show people like you that Klei servers are worth it. I want to hear an update on how things are going?
  6. baroro1217 you post a few weeks ago. How goes it? Share the update of how you have been doing. What servers have you tried. I'm tired of reading about Woodie.
  7. So, I Just Woke up...

    Good news : Catapults for Bunnymen farms Bad news: Winona has haters
  8. So, I Just Woke up...

    Good news : new characters, new bosses, new land mass Bad news: new characters, new bosses, new land mass
  9. As I am Wicker/Max I would suggest to put the farm by the bushes so when books are read they are closer. Just a suggestion other than that very neat.
  10. I agree to all of the above. The different colored Krampus sack would be great. I am always picking up the wrong one after a fight.
  11. Wow I guess catapults on the boat won't work for the beequeen anymore.
  12. Dark sword, Shadow manipulators need a makeover too you are right.
  13. Keep hoping if Klei sees this topic and it becomes hot??? We can hope. Are there any other items you would like skins for??? Maybe new skins for the catapults? They could throw ice rocks in the winter?