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  1. I ask for help! I'm trying to add a new action for one object. First I say that this is not an example! This method does not work and I ask for help from you! First I created a new component "drop_please.lua" in \scripts\components local Drop_Please = Class(function(self, inst) self.inst = inst end) function Drop_Please:Drop_All(askdrop) if askdrop:HasTag('player') and self.inst.prefab == ("abigail_human") then self.inst.components.inventory:DropEverything() end end return Drop_Please Then I added this to the modmain AddAction("DROP_ALL", "Command drop all.", function(act) if == ("abigail_human") then return true else return false end end) AddComponentAction("SCENE", "drop_please", function(inst, doer, actions, right) if right then if inst.prefab and inst.prefab == ("abigail_human") then table.insert(actions, GLOBAL.ACTIONS.DROP_ALL) end end end) AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.DROP_ALL, "drop_all")) AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson_client", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.DROP_ALL, "drop_all")) As a result, the action appears. But it does not work with a mouse click. What am I doing wrong? What is missing?
  2. I mean: What is better to use numbers ? And English is also not my native language. I am Russian . According to this and there are errors in my text !
  3. Very hard But a very interesting article! I kind of knew how to do. The code will look like? AddThingtoWorldGeneration("hole",{BGForest=0.015,BGCrappyFores=0.015}) AddThingtoWorldGeneration("tee_tree",{BGForest=0.9,BGCrappyFores=0.9}) AddThingtoWorldGeneration("wheat",{BGSavanna=0.18}) AddThingtoWorldGeneration("coffebush",{BGBadlands=0.7,Badlands=1,Lightning=1.1,HoundyBadlands=0.5,BuzzardyBadlands=0.6}) GLOBAL.terrain.filter.coffebush = {GLOBAL.GROUND.ROAD, GLOBAL.GROUND.WOODFLOOR, GLOBAL.GROUND.CARPET, GLOBAL.GROUND.CHECKER} GLOBAL.terrain.filter.tee_tree = {GLOBAL.GROUND.ROAD, GLOBAL.GROUND.WOODFLOOR, GLOBAL.GROUND.CARPET, GLOBAL.GROUND.CHECKER} GLOBAL.terrain.filter.wheat = {GLOBAL.GROUND.ROAD, GLOBAL.GROUND.WOODFLOOR, GLOBAL.GROUND.CARPET, GLOBAL.GROUND.CHECKER} GLOBAL.terrain.filter.hole = {GLOBAL.GROUND.ROAD, GLOBAL.GROUND.WOODFLOOR, GLOBAL.GROUND.CARPET, GLOBAL.GROUND.CHECKER} But What better figures put spawn in appearance. At your discretion?