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  1. Qol broke some stuff

    all items that where on a shelf in my world dissapeared
  2. [Game Update] - 302970

    i lost all my shelf items
  3. If i shift click into a crock pot the food item dissapears same thing happens in chest
  4. My game crashes when I place turf

    the same thing happens in my save
  5. thats what u deserve for doing that lol
  6. Island Theory

    a lot of people have said this
  7. if u want to cheat thats ur problem but this is the same as spawning in a panflute in rog because u didnt get one by the glommer statue. i had worlds where i just got 1 scepter and sometimes i get 2 sometimes i get a tallbird setpiece sometimes dont,
  8. using veggies for sanity!

    how do you have the silly string executive hammer and royal key if u still have the 2 blue relics the 2 scepters and the royal crown?
  9. Infinite Oincs

    can this happen with the professor pig in the first island?
  10. Adult snap tooth quick attack.

    he went too far away and reseted the aggro... thats why it atacked so fast.
  11. Can't launch my hamlet save

    same thing happened to me after the last update.... i miss my world so much
  12. Can't make prototype (Hamlet)

    this same thing happened to me... i had to create the alchemy engine inside my house for it to work.
  13. im playing as wickerbottom and i can't build stuff that requires an alchemy engine