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  1. OH THANK YOU AH...,,// Whitford (ok this is embarrassing) was supposed to be a shadow-alchemy experiment performed by Maxwell post-game events. >>; basically he's a love child please feel free to exile me
  2. hHAHAA oh man. yeah i personally see him as generally short too like. maybe 5'4" or something i'm barely 5'0" curse my asian descent YEAH... I remember being AT the convention and looking at some of my photos and thinking they were emo-styled fringe. Generally, I wasn't too happy with the bandage so the idea was tossed the next day. also yes i see willow as slightly taller than our little higgsbury.
  3. Double posting. My sincerest apologies. Please have some dorky doodles from a play experience I had. Slight warning for dirty jokes. No foul language.
  4. GOD, I know right? People still try to give me kids' prices at theatres. And also kids' menus... The clothes are horrendously ripped, tattered, charred, etc to give it a more Survivor Skin feel; as if he had already been on the island for a long time. And no, they were all cosmetic. ^^ EDIT: You can see, in a few of the pictures, I'm wearing the makeshift eyepatch the Survivor Wilson skin has, but it was later removed because he was not as easily recognizable with it on. It was exchanged for the little luau crown, which gained much more recognition.
  5. Oh! Well okay here's some cosplay things. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many photos but... These were at Dallas A-kon 2016, so just a few weeks ago! (ALSO THESE ARE VERY EMBArRASSING FOR ME TO POST, ESPECIALLY HERE! ON THE KLEI FORUMS! and I'm a very amateur cosplayer so I'm very sorry haha. Also I look twelve but I promise I'm 18+. I'm not afraid to post my ID with some things blacked out of course just to prove it EITHER) More junk under the cut And also some crossover photos with other cosplayers :V ! because NO ONE ELSE THERE WAS COSPLAYING DS bonus
  6. I-I'm just gonna post some doodles and sketches and stuff so stay tuned if you're interested! This is just an OC of mine. Okay, that aside, here's some more stuff. ^^ There's much more you can see here, if you like... just be careful. Things can get PG-13+!
  7. Did someone say memes? Does crap posting count? Higgsbury is the real victim here.
  8. Ahhh, I follow your things on tumblr. I absolutely adore your work ^^