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  1. What? Does it look like he has a--oh god. It does look like he has a uni-brow... What have I done, this was a mistake... Thank you! Heheh, sometimes I wish it wasn't so unique, and gracious do I stink with colours... but I'm overall pretty happy with how it turned out (for now. come the morning, I might be full of Regretâ„¢) It's strange, as an artist I feel like my expressions aren't free or wild enough, but I've gotten many, many compliments for my expressions in the past... I suppose I should be happy about that! Thank you! ^^
  2. Some actual art for once?! Amazing! Some things from a law enforcement AU. Max is a cop and Wilson is a forensic scientist. Partially based off this fic and also the idea of Max with dual pistols from an edit @DextersComicLaboratory made. Also @KumisCavern's beautiful redraw....
  3. ive actually been looking to do something similar but with maxwell. wasnt sure where to begin.
  4. That's Lee's favourite past time, which works uncharacteristically well with their predicament.
  5. Wanda, @YzarcCreations's OC. Willowson ship eldest daughter.
  6. Lola, someone's OC. Wilson was Very Intimidated by Small Cyclops Child.
  7. Some people have already called him "(Solid) Snake" and "Big Boss" to his face. He was confused to say the least.
  8. Yeah, no kidding... Oh, well. A man can dream and design...
  9. He'd still be restricted by walls and barricades like other players. Caging Whitford's body up would be a good means of protection but you'd have to break a wall down every so often to feed him.
  10. Had some ideas for in-game (DST) mechanics for Whitford. @YzarcCreations and I have already established his base stats being 120 Hunger, 200 Sanity, 102 Health, with a 12+/min sanity buff. -Dapper, but frail -Dabbles with shadows -Harbours an extreme brotherly bond The Umbra, instead of creating seemingly mindless shadow servants, instead manifests a clone body for his brother Whitley to inhabit. However because their souls are jointed, Whitley has two modes: stationary and freelance. STATIONARY MODE: Requires: Codex Umbra, 3 nightmare fuel Lee is summoned. This raises Ford's hunger meter from 120 to 200, as he is essentially supporting two beings now. He can eat more, but it depletes quicker. Also, having a mischievous brother talking your ear off probably isn't easy on the nerves. Having Lee summoned completely nullifies his 12+/min sanity buff. Being dapper can only get you so far... FREELANCE MODE: Here's where it gets pretty intense. Requires: Codex Umbra, 9 nightmare fuel, 1 telltale heart This completely gives Lee his own form, dragging Ford's consciousness into it with him. This makes him "playable" as you are technically playing Whitford, in his brother's body. Lee's base stats are as follows: 150 Hunger, 100 Sanity, 600 Health Now, you might be saying, HOLY COW THAT'S A LOT OF HEALTH but, he might need it. Lee loses health in the sunlight, and is considerably weaker during the day. (8-12 damage per second, depending on the season and severity of the sunlight) It requires copious amounts of shade to take the edge off the damage. Unfortunately, trees and umbrellas may be his only option, because Lee is unable to wear gear, so depending on the severity of light, this may not be enough to completely nullify the damage at all. (The only exception to the clothing rule is nightmare armor, which would actually keep him safe from the sunlight damage.) Lee has a speed multiplier during night, as well as night vision. He does NOT regen health during night, but he has no sanity penalty in the dark. His attack, without a weapon, is similar to Charlie's night attack. The main difference being that he is not omnipresent. He has to be directly in front of the mob, similar to punching. Damage is as such. Day: 5 HP Dusk: 50 HP Night: 100 HP (he can one-shot a spider!) However, if he uses a weapon, at ANY time of day, default weapon damage is reduced by x0.7. (So you're better off using a spear at day, and punching at night.) Now the tricky part. Whitford's body is still alive and you have to tend to it. Whitford cannot be moved so plan accordingly when you activate Lee. You should be able to check Ford's stats while his body is dormant, but you will have to force-feed him and manage his health. This leaves him very vulnerable to mobs and hound attacks. He can also very easily starve to death. (However, sanity isn't a problem since the body is 'sleeping'.) Should Whitford die while Lee is activated, both of you will die. Lee will drop everything he has and flammable items will combust in a shadow flame. If Lee dies, he drops all his items and some nightmare fuel (2-3) and Ford wakes up. So what do you guys think?
  11. Wilson with a Beard(tm) featuring @KumisCavern's Webber clean vs unkempt
  12. Things are separated into different "boards" and boards have different categories, i.e. roleplay, games, or general art. There are also private boards and public boards. Public is open for anyone to enter, and private requires an invite, so you can have the privacy if needed. After you're invited to a priv, you can re-enter that session whenever you want. Which is neat. No hosts are needed. And sure! I sent an invite. ^^
  13. I wouldn't mind trying it out, but I'm VERY inexperienced with drawpile. However, I am on iScribble.net nearly every day. Open to the public!
  14. here's some more filler since i felt like i havent posted enough spongegar wilson this board is fast and danger
  15. Made a thing based on what @WebbersSpider said. Quote also from @KumisCavern Ruthless.
  17. Heheh, literally the only added detail is the shoulder wound.
  18. r i s e survivor wilson :v also a uh... slightly bloodier version of the attack. also... based off the Wilson that changed right in front of me in the Klei stream last week.
  19. It's a pretty good amount of meme. (those banana socks tho)
  20. An In-Depth guide to drawing Maxwell! For all you artists (or aspiring!) artists out there. I hope this was helpful.