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  1. I super love the idea of this, Joltik Webber is so cute
  2. oh thanks! that means a lot heres some more! O: you saved me from double posting LOL
  3. HELLO sorry for necromancing my own thread but IM BACK WITH MORE webbers were drawn by my friend dave (smallprincee). i have permission to post! hey @klei can we please get a t-pose emote
  4. the WX in our group is just an angry worm hiding between walani's sanity surfboards is it just me or does survivor max look like he has a concussion this isnt shipping i swear dont flag me grue willow? max @ wilson most of the time
  5. GET MEMED MAX ive drawn banana man a lot lately im sorry
  6. waits for the onslaught of messages just begging to let the thread die
  7. thought some of you folks might like this. credit to lychgate for the original dorito face bad touch senpai and shota boy comic.
  8. Casual/Bed hair Maxwell WX with android upgrades Wolfgang!
  9. pls help me make gordan ramsay/cutthroat kitchen/iron chef memes with warly
  10. i feel like this summarizes wilson 80% of the time.
  11. I just had to remake the ending of Steven Universe's "Last One Out of Beach City." It was just too darn good. So have these!
  12. Heyo! I'm working on an RP blog like a nerdo. Have something I did for side img art!
  13. guess who's back back again shady's back tell a friend (ALSO I FINALLY GOT AN ARTISTS BADGE IM SO HAPPY THANK U)
  14. >ford gets easily flustered. over everything. he is a very nervous soul. >....possibly
  15. here's some more of the children. Ford probably saw something potentially dangerous and tried to protect the smol but the smol is ready 2 fite (the right is dwade or "wade" the youngest willowson child) webber.... with pants! and a gun web and ford som teen wade, and also wet hair .save him a wilsob willsob n weelow and finally, shadow dork
  16. Thank you, I'm quite flattered. I take great pride in my Maxwells.