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  1. Researching the local memes in this strange place... Something about @nome and potato cups and lumberjack shirts. Finally found a link to his steam inventory.



    1. nome


      @SethR once told a story on the devcast stream about how as a boy in a survival camp he'd been sent out alone with an uncooked hotdog and two uncooked potatos and failed to make a fire, so he ate his hotdog raw and tried to eat the potato, realized how gross raw potato is, and made a drinking cup instead.

      Fast forward to when I was making a skins server, I needed an item to test with so I went to my garden and constructed a potato cup of my own, took a picture on my phone, and used it as the art for an item I put in Seth's inventory.

      The lumberjack shirts are just because a user here on the forums had a very unfortunate run of getting nothing but purple lumberjack shirts. Mostly unrelated to potato cups, except both consist of me making reference to something in the past as an attempt at humour. As I am wont to do.

    2. WPH


      Oh man, I laughed the entire time I read this. It's glorious. Thank you so much for the story and explanation, it definitely made my day.

      I almost want one of the inventory items for myself now. There's obviously no use of it, but god that picture--even out of context--is funny to me. It would be quite the trophy... or forum collectible.

      Well, regardless, the fact that it is already an in-game item is already funny.