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  1. Okay, I find a solution. Start the game, go to 'Settings' and enable Small Textures. Apply, restart the game, have fun. [This will make everything a bit fuzzy / blurry what is annoying, so I would be more than happy if the creators could fix this...]
  2. Uuhm.. After I created a world which in I played as Satori, then I accidentally died (I know, I'm bad at this game hahah), then tried to create another world with again playing as Satori, after the world generated, instead of her character textures, all that appeared was black boxes. Exactly like in the picture that Jacksonanti showed. I tried to reinstall it multiple times, de-activating Reign of Giants, creating several new worlds, but no luck. Please help, I really like this mod and I want to play it!
  3. Can she befriend hounds or spiders? Anyways, I like this character really much so far... This sounds really sad though.