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  1. Maybe a reference to Fallout's Vault Boy? Or maybe it's not even dystopian at all, since it seems like they're building rather than rebuilding.
  2. Paragon: The Summons

    Name: Herne Age: Forgotten Race: Undead human Backstory: The past can become hazy after one is brought back from the dead. Independent of however she may remember it, fact is that G.H. was a poor girl in the southern United Kingdom, and a skilled thief. That is, until in her thirties she was double-crossed and hanged by her crime partners after a successful act of larceny. It's unknown how much time she spent dead and missing in the depths of Windsor Forest, but I found her and gave back what one thing was ever stolen from this wonderful rogue, at the price of her servitude to my coven. Now she exists not anymore as G.H., but as Herne, the Hunter, like me and all the others brought back before and after her. Abilities/Disabilities: • From her times as human, Herne kept the stealth, cunning and smarts required by her profession. During her times in the realms of death, Herne learned the meaninglessness of her own existence, and as such now identifies herself as no self at all, putting whatever goal presented by peers ahead of her own life. Because she was accepted into a coven of forest spirits, Herne learned how to survive with only what nature could give her, as well as how to use archery with deadly precision. Beyond that, she can resist frost for longer than normal humans and has a smell of freshness, fruit of the forest magic that restored most of her body, that can calm wild beasts in certain conditions. • Despite being brought back from the dead, Herne still needs to maintain her body, but because her organs had already suffered decay when the Herne Patron found her they couldn't be restored to full power, and so she needs more water and food to stay in shape while also not being able to eat and drink too much, for it would be excessive work for her body and vomiting would ensue. Her mental health too wasn't within reach of the Patron's magic to restore, and as consequence more of being brought back than of ever being dead, Herne is haunted by schizophrenia. Appearance: As traits of her human body, Herne has brownish skin (although turned greener by the Patron's magic), feline face, nubian nose and a thin upper lip while the lower is thick. Also, she is slim and relatively tall. As traits of being raised as a forest spirit, her pupils have turned vertical and her iris nearly colorless. For clothing, Herne uses a dark green tunic with long sleeves, brown leather gloves and boots, black leather pants and, covering her face, an elk skull turned into a mask.
  3. Just think of the Space Core gag possibilities... In all seriousness, this is giving me the vibe of Don't Starve meets AdVenture Capitalist, anyone on the same train?