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  1. In both it's menu view and it's craftable form, no new recipes are ever showing besides rattatouile and meatballs. I've tried making recipes with the cookbook in my inventory vs backpack and no change. New recipes simply never seem to be added. It's possible i'm doing something wrong or a mod is interferring. I have combined status, auto catch and don't auto-aggro birds on clientside. I'm probably explaining it bacdly, so here's a screencap. ) recipes discovered, but 2 are visible in it.
  2. I'm really sorry, I deleted the world after. Sorry. I can try and do it again though.
  3. See description of video for more detail... I died in RoG connected to Hamlet. World wasn't deleted, now can't get to ruins at all, keeps looping me to the caves again. EDIT Sorry I can't video edit... And I do use a few UI mods, like extended info and health bars. I have a lot of character mods installed but aren't using them on this profile.
  4. Okay so I followed a tutorial I found on here as closely as I could, but uh... I think I must have messed something up pretty badly because I cant get it to work. I haven't finished the character, but i've done the anim textures, and added stats (used wolfgangs as a base)... I got this anyway when I tried to enable her as a mod: So after that I realised I needed to use build renamer, so I used it and made it the characters name, written the same as in the prefab files and everything. And um... I didn't get an error message and it didn't crash, it just kinda wouldn't do anything at all, got a lovely view of a plain black window though. So I closed the game and opened it again, the same crash as in the screenshot. If anyone could help that would be great, I would really love a custom character! Umm ill add the file so if you have time and are better at this than me you can have a quick look see if its something obvious. Thankyou