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  1. Warbucks

    By voting 'yes', I mean I want to see him revised and eited, but not removed entirely. It wasn't really a clear yes or no question. XD
  2. Hamlet bugs/glitches

    Ahh sorry about that, I didn't want to spam the forum with loads of topics. Yeah ill do the profile things next time it happens, thankyou.
  3. As of dec 3, there's a few bugs that have been annoying me a bit recently and I thought were worth noting here. - Ro Bin's glizzard stone can be eaten by pikos, even after killing them all andd choppig every tea tree, it can't be found again. It doesn't respawn in the nest after ro bin is killed. Affter using skyworthy to go back to ROG, going to use any item in your inventory from HAM will crash the game. I took some rainforest tree seeds, souvenirs and stuff with me, crashes every time now, I can't move the stuff out of my inventory. For a workaround I used console to spawn a touchstone, suicided, and just didn't pick up the hamlet items. They're now sitting in a swamp forever. Also, the season seems to change each time I reload the game after a crash. The first time it was autumn, and dragonfly spawned after 2 days... second time it was summer, no giant... And this isn't a bug, just an issue I can imagine a lot of people will have too; the mob spam really needs calming down a little. The lag is absolutely crazy. The biggest problem mobs for game lagging are the bats and the red glow flies. They come in large swarms and will very quickly overwhelm most computers to the point of getting 3rd degree burns from a laptop being a possibility. This combined with the vines, pretty light effects and plants mean most computers don't stand a chance. I know a bat swarm is about to come because my fps goes down to about 0.1.