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  1. so what do i need to do? becuse im trying to make it act like lucy the axe
  2. Angel the Support.rar @Ultroman here what you where asking for the mod i also did a change to the code for it but it still would some times just go in the the hand of the player who dose not have the tag angel inst.components.inventoryitem.cangoincontainer = true inst.components.inventoryitem.onputininventoryfn = function(inst, player) if player.prefab ~= "angel" then inst:DoTaskInTime(0.1, function() if player.components.inventory then player.components.inventory:DropItem(inst) player.components.talker:Say("ow! it bit me!") else end end) end end this is in the chunkers prefab file
  3. @Ultromanok so i did not do the code above so i tryed this one inst.components.inventoryitem.cangoincontainer = false inst.components.inventoryitem.onputininventoryfn = function(inst, player) if player.prefab ~= "angel" then inst:DoTaskInTime(0.1, function() player.components.inventory:DropItem(inst) player.components.talker:Say("It seems to slip right out of my hands!") end) end end it works the way i want it to but it act like the back pack where it will not go into the players inv i tern the cangoincontainer to true but it crash my game when i put the item in to a back pack i just want the item to act like lucy the axe in a way
  4. @Ultroman ok so i tried the code out to make it where the item cant be pick up by anyone else but it crash when i try to make the item for the character this is the cod i use local oldOnPickup = inst.components.inventoryitem.OnPickup inst.components.inventoryitem.OnPickup = function(self, pickupguy) if pickupguy.prefab == "angel" then if not self.inst.itemowner then self.inst.itemowner = pickupguy end if pickupguy == self.inst.itemowner then oldOnPickup(self, pickupguy) elseif pickupguy.components.talker then pickupguy.components.talker:Say("That item is not mine.") end elseif pickupguy.components.talker then pickupguy.components.talker:Say("I cannot wield that.") end end it crash telling me that that line 14 (witch is the very first line here) has a inst that is not declared am i missing something here or how do i declare it?
  5. i read in this but there nothing here that tells me or shows me how to make a crock pot recipe only cookeable to the character i look in to warly and cant find anything that tells me or shows me what i need to do i sadly cant even see it in crockpot recipe if that even a thing @Ultroman
  6. im trying to make it where the item is only pick up by the character and no one else im also trying to make it where she can only make her crock pot recipe and no one else can make it but can eat it i look in to Lucy the axe but cant find anything that i understand that says only Woodie can use this or pick up and i also look in to Warly because i was told he has crock pot recipes that he can make but ever one else cant angel WIP.rar
  7. i need help fixing this coding for it to work as a fast gather so i can gather twigs and grass and barris fast but it just not working -- Fast Gather local handle = inst.sg.sg.actionhandlers[ACTIONS.HARVEST] handle.deststate = function(inst) return "doshortaction" end local handle = inst.sg.sg.actionhandlers[ACTIONS.PICK] handle.deststate = function(inst) return "doshortaction" end
  8. i tryed what you sayed and it still did not work or i just dont know where to put it at
  9. need help making a staff that works like Maxwell book i have the code for it but it not making an anim.zip thing
  10. here the mod that u are asking Panda The Panda God bata.rar
  11. not sure how to read the error that is happening win im trying to make a custom item for my character client_log.txt the item let me do what Maxwell dose with hes book
  12. here what i have but in game i can only enspec the the food i dont know how to put it in that text u guys have
  13. do i add this in the prefabs for the character
  14. i need help makeing it where my character only eats meet and barries and can eat monstermeet with no down side of it