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  1. Am i the only one who knew that there would be dlc before they announced it ?
  2. No Monster Sounds

    I tried that and the result that it didn't found any missing files
  3. Today I discovered bug which disables using mouse and I'm thinking that this is a rare bug
  4. No Monster Sounds

    Sometimes when i play and monsters attack me then they basically have no sound which is sad
  5. ok so i was on server and one person left game when he was about to get kicked when the timer was done then nothing happened he could join again for no reason so i would implement that the person what will be kicked cant disconnect from server Here is pic of person disconnecting while voting
  6. Divining Rod is not showing up.

    Actually there is divining rod in dst but its not craftable anymore just like those others but they are not craftable like (Teleportato,Maxwell Door,Teleportato Parts and Human meat and one other thing called Friend-o-matic (Note: i think it should be used to enter generate SW (when it will be out of course) world and it only could use admin because people would troll) )
  7. 3 Game Bugs + 1 (not sure if its bug)

    Okay and how about those 3 others
  8. 1. Rollback and World Regenerate vote doesnt do anything after succefull or fail vote not even message appears 2. People can attack maxwell's puppets in PvE 3.People can use meat effigy (Do loose 40 hp) when it was build by someone when people use it they cant resurrect 4 ( not sure if its bug).People can disguise as bush to hide from terrorbreak and crawling horror with bush hat Note: that was kinda bushy situation because i was at 1 hp "When i heard about Klei Then I always wanted to Play"
  9. I wonder who makes that beatiful avatar art

  10. [Game Update] - 169365

    Guys is there way to remove the pickup items delay whenever my internet connection is great it takes 1.43 secs to pickup an item in ds it takes 0 seconds